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With All Calmbirth®, Birthing is a Team Effort

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Lea Bailey prepares you for the birth of your child

The Calmbirth® program offers a holistic approach giving you access to skills and knowledge to prepare you mentally, physically, and emotionally for childbirth.

At Calmbirth® you are not alone. Lea Bailey guides you through this special, and sometimes anxious stage of your life, helping you prepare for the best birth experience possible. Lea understands how becoming ready to be a parent is vital to the birth process, and the health of you and your baby.

The Calmbirth® 12-hour program shows you ways to retrain your response to stress and come to the birth of your child in a proactive way.

"Calmbirth® helped to reduce my anxiety about the birthing process and change my mindset so my body was able to do what it needed to do effectively." Clients who came to Lea for the birth of their second child, after a bad birth experience for their first child.

A registered endorsed midwife for over 24 years, Lea offers the Calmbirth® course face to face or via Zoom. Lea’s emphasis is on you, and ensuring your experience leading up to and during birth will be positive and uplifting for you and your child. Lea understands couples want simplistic information and caters to individual needs, shaping the course to align with you.

Calmbirth® is a leading Australian Antenatal Education Program

With Calmbirth®, each session builds up on the next, giving couples the chance to inhale and put into practice the skills and knowledge learned each session. To Lea, it is vital she shares her knowledge of this evidence-based course to help you make informed decisions on your journey to childbirth. Lea will be with you every step of the way leading you through the topics offered across the program.

Why Choose Lea Bailey?

The journey to childbirth is full of excitement, happiness, and also anxiety for most couples. Lea considers it a privilege to be invited to share and guide you through this milestone. Whether this pregnancy is your first or fourth, Lea has the ability to calm you and gently draw your focus to you and the ways of coming to birth.

When you work with Lea she considers herself part of your team, you are at the heart of the experience and information she offers. Her passion is to encourage normal birth, and offer strategies to those in her local community to achieve the most positive outcomes for your family.

There are four pillars within the program

Though Lea’s service is based on a proven program, these sessions you have with Lea will leave you feeling like you’re just visited a good friend. Lea’s aim is to establish trust and provide you with a place and space that enables you to express your concerns, learn and build your knowledge, and skills in preparation for childbirth and parenthood.

A program is only as good as how it’s delivered and received. Lea understands we all learn and retain information and skills in different ways. That is why partnering with Lea is the right choice for the team to journey towards childbirth.

1. The Psychology of Birth

Here, Lea walks you and your partner through the importance of the women’s emotional state during pregnancy and birth. How you can change your mindset and negative beliefs about childbirth, explore the role your partner plays in childbirth, and understand how your state of mind impacts your body.

Your emotional state is supported in this part of the program. Looking at ways your partner can protect your emotional safety on the day can really bring you to readiness for a wonderful birth experience. Lea also brings to your attention the importance of working with your body, not against it; having the focus on a positive mindset towards birth.

2. The Physiology of Birth

This part of the program explores how your body works at birth, and Lea leads you through ways of working with your body's reaction to the various stages of birth. She explains how the uterus works and how it responds to you and your baby, and will guide you through the phases of labour and prepare you for the unexpected.

With Lea’s guidance, you revisit the role of your partner in childbirth, and she explores the different scenarios of birth including induction, and cesarean. Other tools for a calm birth are explored here. Lea walks you through conscious breathing techniques and how this one technique can help you work with your body in childbirth. Ways to measure your comfort level, and how your reaction and awareness can play a role in a positive birthing experience. Lea also shows you active birth positions which work with your body, and how applying acupressure techniques can offer relief.

3. Birth Toolbox

Being prepared for childbirth is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your family has a happy and joyous birthing journey. This is where Lea helps you through the final steps of pulling everything you have learned into focus. Remember, Lea is team YOU and it is here where she sees how your confidence and mindset have shifted to a new understanding. A determination to centre your energy on a positive birthing journey.

4. Conscious Parenting

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New born baby that just had a calm birth

Lea knows the journey has just begun when you first find out you’re pregnant. And leading up to the birth she talks about a conscious connection with each other and the baby as a family unit. That connection is heightened after birth with skin on skin, breastfeeding, and your partner bonding with the baby. Your well-being and happiness in this new phase of parenthood is what Lea sees as success for you and your family.

Lea is always open to discussing your birthing journey with you, and she looks forward to being part of your team during this special time.


Navigating being pregnant during a pandemic was a bizarre experience and an added stress. With so many medical appointments and tests it all starts to become overwhelming, especially when you have to attend them alone and with COVID protocols.

The Calm Birth class with Lea, being able to attend it via zoom and in the comfort of my own home was a huge relief! Lea teaching from the Mid North Coast and we’re in Sydney.

Lea is so knowledgeable, kind and calming! After every lesson my husband and I felt reassured, educated and less anxious! We felt like we can actually do this, bring our beautiful baby into the world.

Even though I had a highly medicalised labour as I had to be induced, we used the Calm Birth techniques and skills that we had learnt and felt confident to express ourselves in the sometimes stressful hospital environment.

We were so blessed to have had Lea as our teacher, I can’t recommend Lea and the Calm Birth experience enough! It was the warm reassuring hug that we needed just before our lives changed forever!

Lauren, Steve and Baby Eloise

Zoom and face-to-face appointments available.

Contact Lea Bailey for a calm birth.

t/ 0438978500


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