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Who Says Science Can’t Be Fun? Celebrating National Science Week

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

✦ At Brilliant-Online we are all about promoting youth and innovation so it is apt that the theme of this year’s National Science Week is Innovation: Powering Future Industries.

National Science Week is an annual event first established in 1997 that celebrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The occasion has a dual focused objective: to provide students in Australian schools an overview on some of the most fantastic scientific achievements from years gone by while stoking an interest of the subject among today’s youths and tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

In the current age, technology innovation is opening up a whole raft of opportunities for new discovery and invention and it is therefore essential that students have the rights access to knowledge through information and the requisite tool set and support in order to flourish.

Indeed, this year's theme of Innovation: Powering Future Industries has a specific focus on the ubiquitous subject of artificial intelligence and the advancement of technologies where students will investigate the use of AI in industry, as well as recent advancements in renewal energy technology, data science and environmental monitoring.

Running this year from August 12-20 almost 2 million people are expected to participate in over 1,700 in-person and online events being hosted by schools, universities, museums, libraries and science centres that will offer a wide range of engaging and inspirational content. Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic launched this year’s event on August 9 at Parliament House and emphasised the importance of STEM for Australia’s future. “National Science Week has been shining a light on the world of science, technology, and innovation since 1997. From those early years, it has grown to over 1,700 events this year - all inspiring children and young adults everywhere to pursue STEM careers,” Minister Husic said.

“National Science Week is one of my favourite events of the year and is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Aussie scientists and inspire young Australians to pursue a future in STEM careers.

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“Why is this so important? Because we want a future made in Australia. One based on our expertise in quantum computing, medical science, renewables, and other advanced technologies. To get there, we’ll need to grow our STEM talent pool... Inspiring young people to see themselves in a STEM career also contributes to achieving the Government’s goal of 1.2 million technology-related jobs by 2030,” he added, also stating that in May the Government announced 32 innovative public science engagement projects were to share in nearly $500,000 as part of the nationwide event.

There are a whole host of exciting and engaging events taking place nationwide throughout the duration of National Science Week, including the online event Girls Day Out in STEM, Science in the Scrub in Sydney and the Sydney Science Trail through the famous Botanical Gardens in the CBD hosted by ‘The Surfing Scientist’ Ruben Meerman and The Festival of Bright Ideas in Tasmania. Museums Victoria has a lot going on and will be hosting events such as Wonders of the Deep Sea, Future Forums in converstaion with renowned environmentalist and scientist David Suzuki, Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown with Dr Tanya Hill, Endless Universe and a STEM Workshop entitled Energy is a Superpower.

ACT Libraries are running a range of different events while just one example in Queensland sees year 10 students from the STEM Girl Power Initiative interviewing experts who “enjoy science, technology, engineering or maths-based careers all about their passion for STEM and what their every day is really like in the workplace or out in the field.”

There’s certainly a lot going on and a lot to get involved in this National Science Week so why not jump in to the wonderous world of science and find out exactly what all the fuss is about – chances are you’ll be amazed!

More information on National Science Week and various events around the country can be found at their website.


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