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What's unique about Port Macquarie Golf Course?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

✦ Did you know that the Port Macquarie Golf Club has a sponsor for each hole on their course? It certainly makes a game of golf more than just a sport!

When you next take a shot at Port Macquarie Golf Club, make sure you pause at each hole and get to know each sponsor! You're sure to recognise several of these names. It feels like the entire community is there to cheer you on as you putt, putt, putt away!

Check out their Course Information to get more in-depth professional tips as you play your game.

1st Hole Men 473 metres Par 5 Index 7 Ladies 433 metres Par 5 Index 7 Sponsor - Morgans

This is a tough driving hole with out of bounds left and tree trouble on the right. For your best chance for your birdie or 3 pointer is try to keep your ball on the same level as the flag.

2nd Hole Men 365 metres Par 4 Index 2 Ladies 333 metres Par 4 Index Sponsor - Entire Plumbing

You need a well hit tee shot here because there are tall trees just off the tee that will punish any bad shots headed left and a reachable penalty area on the right hand side of the fairway. A shot that turns from right to left is best off this tee.

3rd Hole Men 338 metres Par 4 Index 9 Ladies 320 metres Par 4 Index 11 Sponsor - Lexus Port Macquarie

This is the most demanding tee shot so far needed on this hole. Try to split the fairway so you are on your way to par or better. The fairway has a few slopes on it and your ball can quite easily run off the fairway and end up amongst the trees.

4th Hole Men 375 metres Index 3 Ladies 379 Metres Par 5 Index 14 Sponsor - Selwyn Peake Optometrist

Be careful of the hidden fairway bunker on the right hand side that can’t be seen easily from the tee. Bigger hitters should aim a little further right and carry the bunker leaving around 130-150 metres to the green.

5th Hole Men 135 metres Index 18Ladies 112 metres Index 18 Sponsor - Page 5 Office National Port Macquarie

This is the shortest and the easiest hole on the course, but be careful of the 3 greenside bunkers that are quite tricky.

Port Macquarie Golf Club | Brilliant Online

6th Hole Men 311 metres Par 4 Index 16 Ladies 292 metres Index 8 Sponsor - Warren Plowright Toyota

Aim to hit straight at the big bush through the fairway. If you get it past the trees on the left hand side you should have a nice shot up to the narrow entrance of the elevated 6th green.

7th Hole Men 166 metres Par 3 Index 13 Ladies 160 metres Par 3 Index 13 Sponsor - Mid Coast Gaming

Pause here longer as it's a really pretty part of the course. Leave the ball below the hole on this green as downhill putts become rather difficult.

8th Hole Men 338 metres Par 4 Index 12 Ladies 334 metres Par 4 Index 5 Sponsor - HEM Property

The ideal shot off this tee will be right to left, eliminating the possibility of losing your tee shot in dense bush/swamp area and requiring a reload. Be wary of the false front on this green. Any approach shots which land on the front section are at risk of running off the front edge.

9th Hole Men 504 metres Par 5 Index 6 Ladies 465 metres Par 5 Index 1 Sponsor - Midcoast IT

This is a challenging hole for golfers of various levels. At over 500m, a well struck tee shot is important in setting up your chances at taming this hole.

10th Hole Men 328 metres Par 4 Index 14 Ladies 317 metres Par 4 Index 6 Sponsor - KFC Port Macquarie

There are elevation changes on the hole. An ideal tee shot will be played down the middle of the fairway, which will give the best opportunity to attack any pin position.

11th Hole Men 331 metres Par 4 Index 5 Ladies 325 metres Par 4 Index 4 Sponsor- Lake Road Dental

An ideal tee shot will be placed up the left of the hole even into the rough as it will feed down into the fairway. Parts of this one can be difficult even for seasoned players, so enjoy the challenge!

12th Hole Men 506 metres Par 5 Index 8 Ladies 424 metres Par 5 Index 10 Sponsor - Meryllyn Page Conveyancing

The green is fairly flat and large with three green side bunkers waiting for any pushed or pulled approach shots. This is a good birdie opportunity.

13th Hole Men 168 metres Par 3 Index 15 Ladies 150 metres Par 3 Index 16 Sponsor - Port Tyre World

This is a tricky one. Be careful the green has a false front which will cause balls to roll back down of the front of the green. Don't get confused by the subtle ridge which runs up the middle of the green.

14th Hole Men 366 metres Par 4 Index 1 Ladies 360 metres Par 4 Index 2 Sponsor - Hastings Fresh Meats

This is the toughest hole on the course. If you get past this, well done and congratulations!

15th Hole Men 338 metres Par 4 Index 11 Ladies 312 metres Par 4 Index 9 Sponsor - Newport Village

An ideal tee shot would be a right to left shape working the ball in to the middle of the fairway. This will leave you with around 120 metres to the green.

16th Hole Men 164 metres Par 3 Index 17Ladies 142 metres Par 3 Index 17 Sponsor - Plumbtec

The green offers numerous pin placements with back right being the most challenging. A smart play would be to find the middle of the green giving a good birdie opportunity to all pin placements.

17th Hole Men 314 metres Par 4 Index 10 Ladies 267 metres Par 4 Index 12 Sponsor - Gem Life

The green slopes dramatically from the back to front with two greenside bunkers front left and front right. Avoid going over the green as the chip shot will be very fast running back down the slope.

18th Hole Men 358 metres Par 4 Index 4 Ladies 360 metres Par 5 Index 15 Sponsor - Mark G Hammond Funeral Services

There are elevation changes on the hole. Don't put the ball on the back tier with a front flag/hole location. It would be better to keep the ball underneath the hole.

19th Hole

PMGC Clubhouse

Everyone's favourite hole! This is where you can finish your game and have a well-deserved treat! A refreshing cold beer, anyone?

Is this making you itch for the golf club yet? Golf enthusiasts are already packing their bags even before reading past the 3rd hole, so get started on a great game at Port Macquarie Golf Club! To book a game, contact their Pro Shop staff on 0478 818 330 for assistance.


  • Member - $5

  • Junior - $10 (If under 16yrs)

  • Lower North Coast (LNC) Member - 9 Holes - $20 , 18 Holes - $35


  • 9 Holes - $30

  • 18 Holes - $50

Members Guest

  • 9 Holes - $25

  • 18 holes - $40

Note: Guests are required to have a member present or have the member contact the Pro Shop to receive the discount.


AEST after 3pm as many holes as you can walk around and play for $25 AEDT after 4pm as many holes as you can walk around and play for $25


  • Member - $20

  • Visitor - $50

  • Visiting Junior - $20

  • Guest of a Member - $40

  • LNC Member - $35 limited to only 12 games for the year and then required to pay current visitor rate per game after that.

If you are visiting Port Macquarie and wasn't planning to have a game, you can hire clubs at the Port Macquarie Golf Club. You can select from a range of top brands such as Bridgestone, Callaway, TaylorMade and Ping. All hire clubs include the cost of a pull buggy.

Club Hire:

  • 9 Holes - $15 , 18 Holes - $25

Premium Club Hire:

  • 9 Holes - $25 , 18 Holes - $40

  • Pull Buggy Hire - $5


Golf carts must be booked when booking a game at the Port Macquarie Golf Club as they are very popular.

9 Holes

  • Golfing Members - $20

  • Non Members - $30

18 Holes

  • Golfing Members - $34

  • Non Members - $50

If you wish to bring your own golf cart to the course, you are welcome to do so by paying a $16 fee (9 holes or 18).

Become a member

Get a membership application form here.

As a member of the Port Macquarie Golf Club, you have:

  • Access to 18 hole golf course for social and competition play (fees apply)

  • Access to practice fairway, chipping green and putting green

  • Access to a range of quality Reciprocal Golf Clubs across Australia

  • Access to Clubhouse bar, lounges, gaming and restaurant

  • Access to watch Sky, Fox Sports and utilise full TAB facilities during trading hours

  • Members discounts on food, beverage and golf green fees

  • Access to activities such as Mahjong & Pilates

  • Free Members Courtesy Bus service

  • Voting on Board elections

  • Up to date information on Club events and promotions

Learn more about the history of the Port Macquarie Golf Club. Their members are proud to be on the green and feel so connected through the ages, and to now have the community sponsor each hole. Play golf with a difference!

Address: 698 Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia, New South Wales

Phone: +61 2 6582 0409



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