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Wendy Haynes from Weight Loss 4U is helping clients achieve their breakthrough towards their ideal weight

Updated: Jun 11

 At Weight Loss 4U, you're not alone. Local Weight Management Expert and Educator, Wendy Haynes, has been working with clients seeking help with weight loss and accountability, and helping to guide them through the process and stay on track.

What do you see most often in the clients who come to you for help?

Most of my clients are seeing to make small strategic changes with food, movement, habits and mindset in order to realise true health and a mostly healthy lifestyle. In particular, metabolic health is something we are paying attention to, because in many cases, not being able to lose weight is because you are metabolically inflexible. It's about having a hormonal imbalance.

Watch Wendy Haynes explain how to flip the switch for weight loss

What was your experience like with weight loss?

Like most of us when I started my weight loss journey, I thought if I cut calories and fat I could lose weight. That’s what we have been told for years. Sure this helped for a while but eventually my weight stalled and all I managed to do was increase cravings, slow down my metabolism and lower my BMR Basal Metabolic Rate, making it even harder to shift stubborn body fat.

What changed it around for you?

I dug into the science of it all. And after years of struggling and studying I found we have a fat storage hormone - insulin. As a society, do you know overweight and obesity is trending up at an alarming rate? According to WHO World Health Organisation, 1 in 8 adults are living with obesity. And 70% of adults are overweight or obese.

We are living in an obesogenic food environment and looking at the health tracker published by Mitchell University, in Port Macquarie 68% of adults are overweight or obese, and 1 in 2 people in Australia are living with chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. The food we eat plays a huge role in this.

So insulin isn't something only diabetics are concerned about?

Insulin is the fat storage hormone. If you have continued elevated insulin and blood glucose levels, fat cannot be released from the body. You don’t have to be diabetic to have high insulin levels. But if you move more towards foods that lower your blood sugar you will realise weight loss. This is called the metabolic switch. Your body can get energy from two fuel sources and most people because of the foods they eat, and the timing around meals, they are always burning sugar as fuel.

But, if you move towards low-carb foods and avoid highly processed foods your intelligent body switches to fat burning mode and you can start to lose body fat.

Nourish your body with whole foods | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
Nourish your body with whole foods

What is the solution to losing fat for good?

When it comes to losing body fat, sure we use measurements like scale weight, waist, body fat and muscle mass percentages - we need a starting point to gauge progress that’s all. But what is more important is setting health goals, and weight loss will follow.

How do you support your clients on their weight loss journey?

As a qualified weight management consultant, personal training and nutritionist, I take a holistic approach moving my clients toward better health. I offer an individualised science-based weight loss program that meets you where you are now in your health journey. We dive into the following:

  • We look at the food you’re currently consuming and move more towards whole-foods. That's prioritising protein, adding low-carb vegetables, and good fats.

  • We look at added or increasing movement into your lifestyle. This could be walking, HIIT high intensity interval training, and resistance training. Building muscle is important for health, body composition and your metabolism.

  • We modify meal timing and move towards three meals per day - no snacks. This is the first step towards metabolic flexibility and using fasting as a tool for weight loss. 

  • Utilising fasting. The science is there. Varied fasting not only helps with weight loss but also has numerous health benefits.

  • We consider your monthly cycle and dip in and out of fasting and low-carb to honour your hormones.

  • We consider your health now and where you want to be. And for most people who have been yoyo-dieting or consuming unhealthy food for a long time the body may be depleted of essential vitamins and minerals. So, it’s important to fill in the nutritional gaps with the supplements I offer. 

  • We consider mindset and habits. This is a big one for most as we all have a set of beliefs about our knowledge, about ourselves and how others see us. We work together on strategies that are aligned with your health goals.

How long is the time frame for clients to work on this?

I offer my clients a 12-week intensive program. I am of the firm belief that this consistency leads to better outcomes. To book a consultation visit my website today.

Availability: Tuesday and Wednesday 7am - 5pm. 

Contact Wendy Haynes

Wendy Haynes Profile Picture
Wendy Haynes

Address: 42 Kennedy Drive, Port Macquarie

Phone: 0427 240 464

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