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The magic of LASERVISION lights up Roma Street Parkland

✦ Brisbane’s annual immersive light and sound spectacular, The Enchanted Garden 2022, showcases the Eastern Water Dragon in an all new Luna Light Journey experience.

From November 25th to the 21st of December, Roma Street Parkland becomes a breath-taking, enchanted garden, featuring:

  • nearly 8,000 square metres of custom-made lighting, audio, special effects

  • digital light sculptures

  • high-powered lasers

  • newly developed interactive projections

  • hologram technology

Take a walk through a world-class digital art experience in the heart of Brisbane!

Guardians of the Park

The international award-winning artists and producers at LASERVISION have created yet another powerful illuminated and immersive experience - 'Guardians of the Park'. Live the story as you walk through the park's spectacular designer gardens and walking trails. The magical lighting installations and interactive digital art displays bring the story to life and create a captivating night experience to remember.

And let's not forget Roma Street Parkland's most endearing resident - the Eastern Water Dragon! You will also meet the Guardians who appear as giant holograms. They reveal the secrets and stories of The Enchanted Garden and unite in a spectacular Shadow Sculpture at the finale.

Creative Director, Juan Zubiaga knew they had to up the ante and deliver more for the community after the success of last year's presentation. He explains the narrative of this year's creation:

"In partnership with the team at City Parklands Services, we made this year’s journey even more exciting with more magical holograms, hidden totems to discover and a story that inspires people with the natural beauty of the park. ‘Guardians of the Park’ celebrates the local Eastern Water Dragons that transform into their true magical selves, taking on the colours and characteristics of the park’s natural elements: water, trees, rocks and flowers," said LASERVISION Creative Director, Juan Zubiaga.

LASERVISION has been astounding audiences with their lighting magic, and if you think you've seen the best of it last year, prepare to be astounded even more with this new performance!

“Having produced and delivered the multiple award-winning show at Roma Street Parkland in 2021, we challenged ourselves this year to create a truly unique experience and immersive offering for the community. The feedback we have received from the attendees has been truly amazing. It’s amazing to see the reactions of the crowds and the popularity of this event as it is a true testament to the success of our Luna Light Journey Shows," commented LASERVISION’s owner, Mr. Shannon Brooks.

LASERVISION’s self-guided narrative will take guests around 1 – 1.5 hours to complete its 2km course, with entry available every 15 minutes from 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm. This tour is suitable for all ages.

Come escape into The Enchanted Garden amidst thousands of lights, and go on an unforgettable magical night journey.


  • There are more than 8,000 square metres of lighting and digital art, special effects, high-powered lasers, interactive video projections and holograms.

  • It features new technologies such as Interactive Projection Mapping and Hologram technologies.

  • Custom programmed and interactive digital art exhibits were created specifically for performance.

The Enchanted Garden is only one of LASERVISION’s many LUNA Light Journey experiences. They have several shows popping up all over the globe. Visit to check out their other incredible Luna Light Journeys.

Mark on your calendar! LASERVISION and The Enchanted Garden will be returning to Roma Street Parkland in 2023!


Stay up to date with future Luna Light Journeys creations by LASERVISION.

Watch their videos here.

Suite 3F, Building 4, 256B New Line Road,

Dural, NSW, 2158, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9658 1000


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