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Tails of Barrington Coast

✦ A fundraiser, "Tails of Barrington Coast" is a project by Jo of Jo Lyons Photography and supporting charity partner Aussie Ark!

Celebrating the stories of dogs of all kinds from all around Barrington Coast NSW with heartfelt photography and a gorgeous collector's edition coffee table book and custom artwork for your home, all whilst raising much-needed funds and awareness for endangered wildlife in need.

Jo is launching her book this Saturday 3 December at 3pm at Hardwood Espresso in Wootton

Her book launch party is a celebration for the participants and friends of those who participated, and Jo will be signing the books at the launch. There will be books available to purchase at the launch.

The collector's edition coffee table book is Jo's second self-published book and showcases 55 local dogs of Barrington Coast enjoying their favourite dog-friendly location or private farm along with their stories.

Jo’s first self-published book in 2019 was titled “Teeny Tiny Dogs and Their Stories” and supported Sydney dog rescue “Paws for Thought” Rescue.

Jo’s Tails of Barrington Coast project has raised over $2600 with 50% of the participation fee for each dog, and 100% of the participation fee for each additional dog in the family donated to Aussie Ark in conjunction with raising awareness for endangered native Australian wildlife with a specific focus on our apex predators.

Jo recently experienced first-hand the great work of Aussie Ark when she attended a special sponsors day which included a tour of the facility, an ATV ride through the Barrington Wilderness Sanctuary, a BBQ lunch with the staff and other supporters, and she got to cuddle baby Tasmanian Devils and a baby Rufus Bettong!


Jo Lyons Photography

m: 0412 617 928


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