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Tea Leaf Reading: Sip, Swirl and See!

Updated: Apr 30

✦ What about something quirky and fun to do on National Tea Day? Try tea leaf reading!

While you are enjoying an aromatic brew, why not take the chance to take a peek into your future too?

Tasseography is a journey into the unknown

Tea leaf reading is also known as tasseography, and it can be done with tea leaves, or even coffee grounds if you are more inclined that way. Even wine lovers can have a go at interpreting wine sediments too.

Tasseography tea leaf reading | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
I spy with my little eye... I see a man... or a bird...

It is a rather whimsical journey into the unknown were every curl, shape and pattern holds a story waiting to be deciphered. It's not unlike looking up into the sky and seeing patterns in clouds. Children are great at the art of cloud reading, and somehow we've lost that ability when we grew up! Why not get it back now and find out what secrets are hidden in the humble leaves at the bottom of your cup? Have a go!

Choose your cup

While it's tempting to use your favourite cup, it's better to choose one with a wide rim and a plain interior. You do not want fancy patterns or designs to distract you from seeing the tea leaves clearly.

Get brewin'!

Prepare your tea the way you always do. And while waiting, why not set an intention for the reading as the kettle is bubbling? It's a great moment to ease into a more mindful state.

Sip mindfully

As you sip on your tea, bring your focus to the thoughts or questions you seek answers to. Whether you believe it or not, we've all had that one inexplicable experience where the universe somehow responds to what we were thinking about at the exact moment! Remember to leave a tiny bit of tea at the bottom when you are done.

Sipping tea | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
Sip mindfully and focus your intention

Get ready to flip!

When you finish your tea, hold the cup in your left hand and give it a few gentle swirls. Last opportunity to bring more intention into the tea leaves! Then, flip it over onto a saucer. Now let the magic unfold as the leaves ease into interesting patterns.

Unleash your imagination

This is where you start interpreting. And that's the fun part! Decipher the shapes and symbols left behind by the tea leaves. Give your imagination free rein. Sometimes, how we interpret things is already information telling us what our hearts already know. If you are doing this with friends from different cultures, it gets even more interesting as everyone has a different perspective and interpretation which could just open your eyes to something new!

Tea leaf reading is not about all the woo woo and crystal balls. It's really about tapping into your intuition and creativity. National Tea Day is a great day to try some tea leaf reading with friends! Who knows what wonders may lay at the bottom of your tea cup!

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