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Port AdVenture Cruises serves high tea on the high seas!

Updated: Apr 30

✦ Give that special touch to your high tea by enjoying it on board the Rhythmboat sailing on the beautiful Hastings River on 12th May 2024!

Who doesn't like a spot of tea with some lovely scones and beautiful sandwiches?

High Tea in Port Macquarie: Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Join Port AdVenture Cruises on 12th May for this High Tea on the Hastings whilst raising money for the Cancer Council as part of their annual Biggest Morning Tea. During this 2-hour cruise, you'll get to enjoy traditional high tea with bottomless tea and coffee while gently cruising along one of the most beautiful natural spots in Port Macquarie. There is also a licensed bar on board for the purchase of additional beverages (no BYO).

Read about other celebrations on board the Rhythmboat such as Brilliant-Online's 3rd Birthday Bash where fun is always the order of the day when Tom "Cruise Director" is there to steer the ship!

High Tea in Port Macquarie | Port AdVenture Cruises
“Tea is the elixir of life." - Lao Tzu

Why not make this cruise part of your celebration of National Tea Day?

Remember to join our #BrilliantTea campaign and share a picture of you drinking a lovely cup of tea and hashtag us on our Brilliant Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and stand a chance to win a lovely Blue Tea Pack from My Blue Tea!

And book early with Port AdVenture Cruises to cruise down the Hastings River in sereni-tea on a lovely afternoon!


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