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Tallowwood House is the best luxurious short stay in Port Macquarie

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Nestled behind a rainforest, Tallowwood House is a beautiful sanctuary that has recently opened its doors to guests, and owners Mandy and Shane Rowe are here to make it an unforgettable stay.

A Luxurious Retreat

Just a short stroll from Shelly Beach, Tallowwood House is the ultimate luxury retreat.

Once you enter Tallowwood House, it's like you have walked through a magical portal into a quieter world where time gently slows down and you encounter a paradisiacal sanctuary. Tallowwood House is a well-appointed bed & breakfast with two beautifully curated suites inspired by nature and all things beautiful. It is the perfect retreat for those seeking to leave aside the humdrum of everyday life.

What makes Tallowwood House stand out is the owners' special touch. Having spent thirty years on the road less travelled, Mandy and Shane have infused this luxury accommodation with their favourite things and personal touches inspired by fond memories of travels, serendipitous encounters, and enchanting discoveries. It is a complete treat for the senses, so come and be prepared to be pampered in all senses of the word. Have a rest for the body, mind and soul, as Mandy and Shane are well-experienced in knowing exactly what weary travellers need.

Tallowwood House is a luxurious B & B in Port Macquarie
Tallowwood House exudes luxury

“A surprise pre-dawn plunger of coffee delivered by your host before an early morning flight. Twenty years later I can still smell it – it’s the aroma of good old-fashioned hospitality,” Mandy told us.

Mandy and Shane created Tallowwood House with a lot of conscientious thought about what they themselves most love about a living space. Simple furnishings have always appealed to Mandy. It's the true quality of what we are surrounded with that really matters, so quality mattresses, beautiful linen and sumptuous pillows are key to luxurious comfort.

“They are the cornerstone of a good night’s sleep. And of course food is also an integral part of a bed and breakfast experience. The seasons influence our menu, which changes weekly, breakfast is served daily and evening meals are provided upon request,” she added.

A good night's rest, as many will know, is one of the greatest luxuries one can have in our modern times of rush and stress. To wake up to healthy delicious food on top of that is simply pure pleasure.

Understated luxury best describes the suites at Tallowwood House. They have been carefully designed to blend in and reflect the beach and rainforest surroundings. Tastes are simple but exquisite, elegant and homey all in one. Craftsmanship takes centre stage and the skill of local artisans is highly respected and appreciated here. A few carefully curated pieces of handmade furniture and accessories add a distinctive touch to the space.

Be prepared to be pampered from the inside out. Suites have air-conditioning, high-speed internet, TV, a B&O sound system, bar fridge, tea/coffee making facilities, organic coffee beans ground daily, organic teas, toaster and microwave. Bathrooms are outfitted with Turkish waffle oeko-tex bath towels, Aesop body and hand products and waffle bathrobes.

Relax in a concrete bath overlooking a tropical garden, curl up with a book or go for a relaxing walk. Stunning beaches and coastal walks are just a stone's throw away. Makes you wish you were there right now.

Tallowwood House is 35 years in the making

Mandy brings all of her experience (both formal and informal education) over the decades to guarantee guests have the best experience possible.

“I like to think I anticipate their needs before they even verbalise them. For example, the first thing I said to a couple from San Francisco was 'can I do a load of washing?' I’ve travelled extensively and know how difficult it is to negotiate laundry while on the road.”

Kindness, understanding and empathy never go unnoticed or unappreciated. The said couple responded with a review on AirBnB saying “Tallowwood House was the best AirBnB experience ever and if we could move in with Mandy we would feel so looked after”.

That's the charm of Tallowwood House. Once you're there, you want to stay forever!

And for a German couple who arrived late in the afternoon, exhausted from a long drive with no dinner reservation booked in town, Mandy asked if they would like to share her dinner. When you're tired and hungry, a simple question like that can really warm the cockles of your heart. Once the couple had showered and unpacked, Mandy delivered a sumptuous seafood lasagne and refreshing honey lemon salad to their courtyard.

Zen-inspired bed & breakfast at Shelly Beach

A Woman in Business with many hats

Mandy Rowe, owner of Tallowwood House as featured in Brilliant-Online
Mandy Rowe, owner of Tallowwood House

Mandy has been a psychologist, a commercial cook, artist, B&B owner in Victoria and ran an international women’s travel network called Broads Abroad Travel Network.

“My best role ever was caring for my children and husband whilst running a farm and a bed and breakfast in rural Victoria for ten years.”

Saudi Arabia provided the creative spring for Mandy's interior design skills. She took a number of interior design courses there and many cooking classes as well. Imagine the beautiful smells of cinnamon, cumin, cardamom or star anise wafting through the kitchen at Tallowwood House. Coffee is very much a revered art in Saudi Arabia, so you can be sure Mandy has brought this back with her and a cup of coffee at Tallowwood House is one to be savoured and remembered for years to come. Italian cuisine is also something she loves serving the guests. Breakfasts at Tallowwood House are based on seasonal ingredients in keeping with caring for the environment. Rightly treated as the most important meal of the day, you can expect breakfasts here to be presented beautifully, always.

“All these things have culminated in me designing a ‘refuge’ for travellers, some with their dogs. It’s early days but my reviews have been amazing.” We know it won't be long before many more discover this precious gem and Return to Tallowwood House would become an annual pilgrimage.

As a retired psychologist, Mandy knows the importance of “time out”. She has created a space for people to escape everyday for a day or two in tranquillity. Come to quiet Tallowwood House for a respite and to recharge.

Proactive and innovative sustainability

Having a small carbon footprint, Tallowood House has a low impact on its rainforest surroundings and picturesque coastal setting.

Tallowood House is solar powered and is even able to offer guests recharge facilities for their electric cars! Three phase (22kW) with a Type 2 connector, fast charging for your electric vehicle is available, at a cost of 30c / kWh.

While guests sleep, their vehicles can be recharged for the next stage of their journey. What a fantastic initiative! Talk about Nature meets Technology!

Mandy's wish for 2023 is to get her business well known in the region. We certainly love the sound of Tallowwood House and can't wait to experience it for ourselves. So now you know, if you need a little retreat, Tallowwood House and Mandy's hospitality will be a balm for tired souls.


Mandy Rowe

tel + 61 (0)422138070


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