Taiton Resources Limited goes IPO

Updated: Oct 6

✦ The Prospectus for Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) is now live and is available for download on their website

Taiton Resources Limited was previously listed on the ASX (previous stock code SYS). Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) has launched an initial public offering of a minimum of 35,000,000 Shares and a maximum of 50,000,000 Shares to be issued at a price of $0.20 per Share to raise a minimum of $7,000,000 under the IPO has been underwritten.

The company has projects based in South Australia and Western Australia.

Uncovering the Next Elephant Deposit

Taiton is an early-stage mineral exploration and development company focussing on discovering mineral deposits. The company's strategy is to focus on uncovering Mineral Systems which have proven mineralisation.

This innovative approach has allowed Taiton to have a First Mover Advantage in securing the Highway Project in South Australia.

Their dominant land holding at the Highway Project will allow them to potentially uncover the Next Elephant Deposit in Australia.

In the mining industry, the term 'elephants' refers to super large sized deposits. These deposits are not something you stumble upon on an evening walk. They exist across the planet, and for mining companies, this is their Holy Grail.

Mining companies are looking for elephant country. This is where meaningful discoveries can be found.

Taiton's Projects

Taiton has these projects currently:

  • HIGHWAY (South Australia)

  • LAKE BARLEE GOLD (Western Australia)

  • CHALLENGER WEST (South Australia)

Highway Project

Taiton acquired a total of 2,930 km2 of granted tenements in South Australia, focussing on the Highway project. The Highway project has potential for polymetallic mineralisation in an environment rich with hydrochemical activities.

The concept of finding the cooking pot first (The Mineral System) will give the company a greater chance of discovery. Work completed prior to the IPO has identified prospective targets which will be priority targets at the conclusion of the fund raising process.

In addition, the company has completed zircon age dating of basement rocks and a