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Taiton Resources Limited (ASX: T88) on the Kingsgate Project, a historical mine

Updated: Feb 8

✦ The Kingsgate mining centre mine was the second largest producer of Molybdenum in Australia between the early 1880s and late 1920s. 

According to information that is extracted from Auzex Resources Limited, a total of 350t Molybdenum (Mo) and 200t Bismuth (Bi) was mined. Much of the ore was mined from a cluster of high-grade Mo-Bi bearing quartz pipes.

Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) has applied for Exploration Licence Applications ELA6699 and ELA6702 for a total area of 309.8 sq km with Mining, Exploration and Geoscience - Department of Regional NSW, adding shareholders' value.

The Kingsgate project is a historical high-grade Molybdenum mine and Taiton Resources believes that it will allow the company to become the next Molybdenum producer.

The Kingsgate Project is 20km east of Glen Innes, the main town in the Northern Highlands of New South Wales. Glen Innes is approximately 600km north of Sydney situated on a major highway between Sydney and Brisbane. Image below shows the location of the ELA 6699 and ELA 6702.

Location of the Kingsgate High Grade Molybdenum Project | Taiton Resources Limited | Brilliant Investments | Brilliant Online
Location of the Kingsgate High Grade Molybdenum Project

The Kingsgate Project in NSW has potential to be a near term production asset

"The Kingsgate high-grade molybdenum project has a lot of historical work completed by Auzex Resources Limited and this will allow Taiton to work more efficiently to take the project to the ultimate goal of creating a producing asset." - Executive Director, Noel Ong

Molybdenum is now on the Australian Critical Minerals list. Molybdenum is a critical and profitable mineral with many uses. Learn more here.

Check out the video below on the new uses of Molybdenum

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