Kim Staples Art Therapy Touches Hearts and Empowers Lives

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

✦ "Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."

- Pablo Picasso

Mental health is gaining importance and it is a positive sign to see more people willing to have conversations about the subject and share stories about their experiences and recoveries.

Art therapy is a tool for mental health recovery. It is not always easy to express accurately what we feel, or how we feel. Very often we lack the words and sometimes even language is not enough to really give voice to our experiences and feelings.

That is where art therapy comes in. It leads the mind and body into a state of relaxation and it helps one to de-stress. That opens up a space for deeper feelings and thoughts to come up.

Why do Art Therapy?

People who have experienced the benefits of art therapy share how their self-awareness has increased. They are better able to identify their feelings and are more aware of how situations, things and people are affecting them. This helps to give them a way to ground themselves.

When in the past they used to feel lost, helpless and even hopeless, art therapy has helped them to learn about themselves so they can better manage their behaviours. They are faster at noticing their symptoms and finding a way to cope as opposed to being dragged along by them.

Ultimately, it builds self-esteem because they can now solve problems by looking at them with a different perspective.

Kim Staples, Award-Winning Artist and Art Therapist

Born in Paddington in Sydney, Kim Staples now lives in the beautiful mid north coast in Port Macquarie with her husband.

As an award winning Australian artist, Kim Staples draws her inspiration from the colours and beauty of her natural surroundings. Her work is influenced by her life experiences, inner emotions and intuition, a mindset she takes into all the mediums she explores including water based mixed media and sculpting. Kim Staples' art explodes with colours. When you see Kim, you know she is an art of life!

Kim Staples is an award-winning Australian artist who is the creator of Art of Life. She is committed to providing an art therapy space to youth, adults, Alzheimer's sufferers, people with disabilities, special needs and other challenging conditions in the community.

She teaches children, school students, and adults. Kim conducts personal one-on-one classes at home. Her special needs students are under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and they have assistance to access community social and recreational activities on individual weekdays.

Kim Staples' Mission

Kim's mission is to provide a safe, open and warm environment to support people to achieve, improve and develop healthy emotions through the arts. With children, she finds joy in helping them discover their creative talents. You never know what a child can do until you give them the freedom and support to simply be the creative person they already are. With more mature students, she guides them to let their creative side take over and give less attention to the disruptive cares of everyday life.

Kim is passionate about helping people with special needs. Through her art, she has experienced how it has helped people cope with emotional, mental, physical issues as well as developmental needs and disorders. For Kim, art is the key to one's soul. An empty canvas, a bit of paint, a brush is all they need, and that is a beautiful invitation to anyone to take a journey into the core of their being.

There is an openness to art and creativity that allows participants to feel safe to experiment and open up. There is no fear or judgement here and when guided by Kim's kindness and gentleness, participants dare to venture further. Through art, Kim is helping p