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Ride4Dyslexia is cycling for charity to raise awareness of Dyslexia

✦ Ed Godschalk and Greg Linsdell are peddling hard on a charity bike ride from Sydney to Port Macquarie via the scenic Blue Mountains. Yes, all 820km of it!

From 7th to 15th October, Ed Godschalk and Greg Linsdell will be on their bikes cycling through back trails from Sydney to Port Macquarie, covering a whopping 820km. That's over 10,000 metres of climbing, which is more than Mt Everest itself!

Sponsor Ed Godschalk Ride4Dyslexia  | Brilliant-Online

The 9-day bike ride will take them through the Blue Mountains. Ed and Greg are doing this as a fundraiser to raise awareness of Dyslexia. On Saturday 7th October, Ed and Greg will leave Sydney Opera House and start their route inland to Port Macquarie. Supporters can get ready to cheer them on at the finish line at Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie on Sunday 15th October.

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning difficulties. As many as 3 children in every classroom in NSW will experience learning difficulties. - Source: Dyslexia Mid North Coast

Ed Godschalk raising awareness of Dyslexia | Brilliant-Online

Why is Ed doing this?

Ed has been working in the NSW Department of Education supporting student wellbeing. He has seen for himself the struggles and frustration of students who face the challenges that come with dyslexia. With awareness, knowledge and specialised support, students can progress through this condition. Everyone deserves the right to read and this is what gives Ed the motivation to take on such a challenge.

With a love for sports and the outdoors, Ed is always ready to get his limits challenged. Ed has previously supported other charity challenges such as Tour de Rocks and MS Gong Rides to raise funds for the Port Macquarie Base Hospital and multiple sclerosis funding as a top 100 fundraiser.

Every charity challenge is Ed's way of giving back to the community, so be there to support Ed when he finishes the last leg of his bike ride!

Greg Linsdell raising awareness of Dyslexia | Brilliant-Online

And what about Greg?

Greg is no stranger to such arduous challenges either, so these two peas in a pod are eager with their bikes well-oiled and ready to go.

Having climbed the highest mountain on every continent (7 Summits) and paddled across the Bass Strait in a kayak, you'd think this bike ride must be a piece of cake for him. Greg however, knows better. You never underestimate a challenge when it comes to Mother Nature. Beyond the physical, there are other elements and forces of nature that could surprise them.

As a university lecturer, Greg has also seen what the impact of a lack of awareness and support for dyslexia can do. There are lots of misconceptions about dyslexia that need to be clarified. What he and Ed are doing is to hopefully shine a light on the reality of dyslexia, contribute to more research, effective interventions and better resources for anyone who is struggling with dyslexia.

Both are proud to support Dyslexia Mid North Coast during Dyslexia Awareness Month which runs from 1st to 31st October. This year's theme is 'Stronger Together'.

Ed and Greg are Stronger Together for pairing up to take on this charity challenge. Be there to support them when they return, and if you are interested to understand more about dyslexia, check out SPELD NSW.

About Dyslexia Mid North Coast

Dyslexia Mid North Coast is a community of parents and professionals who promote literacy for all children and campaign to raise awareness of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties on the Mid North Coast.

Our focus is to share evidence-based information to promote a better understanding of dyslexia and how parents and teachers can better support students with specific learning difficulties. Because every child has the right to learn to read.



Dyslexia Mid North Coast


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