Revolver Resources Limited (ASX:RRR) discovers overlooked Copper Deposit in Queensland

Updated: May 30

✦ We spoke to Pat Williams, Managing Director of Revolver Resources Limited (ASX: RRR) about unlocking the potential of Dianne and Osprey

There is much to explore with Revolver Resources Limited (ASX:RRR). Especially now with its development of a great copper deposit.

The company had been working on two little-known assets in north western Queensland, Australia for the past seven years in a private capacity. They were listed in 2021.

What we do know now is that the company is well funded, cashed up and in the process of unlocking the potential of the Dianne and Osprey projects. These are the two projects headlining the company and both are showing enormous potential.

Pat Williams, Managing Director, talks about how the company is dedicated to producing value for shareholders. It is systematically going through exploration while also keeping a firm hand on costs. The company also has a talented and experienced Board of Management and they are hands on actively exploring its tenements and pursuing further acquisitions as well as creating additional shareholder value.​

The Dianne Project

The recent discovery of the Green Hill corridor is really showing up the potential of Dianne. Results from the Green Hill prospect are showing that the size could grow further. Operation on site commenced in the first half of Oct 2021-2022 and continues in the wet tropics. Completed work includes surface mapping, regional surface sampling, an extensive IP program and a 17 hole DD program. Diane is open in 3 remaining directions.

The Osprey Project

And as for Osprey, it is poised to be a Tier 1 project. The company has conducted 3 IP programs and continues building the geophysical signatures. The project is already showing indicators of a halo typical of an IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold) system.

Listen to Pat Williams here:


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:10 The Dog with two Tales.

01:30 Pat Williams Introduction.

04:50 Transition from private company to public listed.

07:03 The Dianne Copper Project.

14:56 The prospectivity of projects like Diane.

16:50 Is the Dianne project an underexplored system?

24:11 The Green Hill prospect.

26:43 The other project - Osprey.

34:12 The value of WMC projects.

36:17 The pedigree of Osprey.

40:48 What could hamper your project and how are you countering these issues?

45:21 What are the news flow that investors can expect?

49:14 Why RRR?

50:21 Conclusion

About Patrick Williams

Qualifications: BAppSc (Mining Geology), MSc (Mineral Economics), MAus/MM

Pat Williams has worked in the global resources business for more than 30 years where he has held senior roles with several international mining operations from the front line through to the boardroom. Working through a range of senior production and management roles with BHP and Anglo American, Pat gained strong operational management expertise over a 15-year duration. As COO of global mining services company Runge Ltd, Pat stewarded the business through IPO and various M&A transactions. Pat has extensive experience leading small, medium and large-sized operations t