Galileo Mining Limited (ASX: GAL) talks about their next drilling campaign in Norseman

✦ Brad Underwood, Executive Chair and Managing Director of Galileo Mining Limited (ASX: GAL) says the company is taking one step closer to more Sulphides.

The palladium prospect in Norseman, Western Australia is being tested right now with a systematic approach.

Investors are always looking for an exploration company on the Australian Stock Exchange or ASX Limited (ASX: ASX) that piques their interest. Galileo Mining Limited (ASX: GAL). is one such company that is well worth putting in some DYOR effort.

Brad Underwood, Executive Chair and Managing Director of Galileo Mining Limited is a familiar face and voice to readers and viewers of Samso, and the company has been featured on Brilliant-Online as well.

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Mr. Underwood returns to share a conversation with Noel Ong, CEO of Samso to discuss the technical merits of the Norseman project. Investors, get ready to take notes - you´ll want to follow this upcoming drilling campaign.

Listen to what Brad Underwood says here:


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

00:57 Brad Updates.

01:28 The drilling starts again.

02:21 What have you learned from the past drilling campaign in Norseman?

03:40 Is the geology in Norseman and Albany Fraser different and if so, what are the differences?

05:14 How is the host rock chemistry different in Norseman and the Fraser Range?

06:14 Has the exploration strategy for GAL changed over time?

07:45 Is GAL looking at a new mineralising province?

09:12 What is a good Palladium grade? What should investors look for in a Palladium project?

10:37 What is the magical number that investors should look at in an announcement?

12:24 Is there a proportion of Nickel and Palladium to look for?

13:23 Palladium.

13:47 Why is GAL so well funded?

15:03 GAL has good shareholders.

15:44 What does Brad think of the Nickel market?

17:23 The News coming up for Investors and Shareholders.

18:37 Norseman has not been a Palladium area.

19:33 Conclusion

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About Brad Underwood

Chair and Managing Director

Brad Underwood is the Chairman and Managing Director of Galileo Mining. Mr. Underwood is a geologist with over 18 years of experience in exploration, prospecting and mining. He has been involved in copper, gold, nickel and cobalt discoveries and the development of numerous prospects over a variety of commodities.

About Galileo Mining Limited (ASX:GAL)