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REE Drilling Ends In Mineralisation for Venture Minerals Limited (ASX: VMS)

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

✦ Managing Director Andrew Radonjic has more to share about the company's Rare Earth Portfolio of projects in Western Australia.

Venture Minerals on REE

Venture Minerals Limited (ASX:VMS) has created a Decarbonisation Mineral Exploration Portfolio. It's the next logical step for them and there's lots to get curious about here.

A Targeted Diversified Mineral Explorer

That is how Noel Ong, CEO of Samso sees the company. In fact, he coined the term specially to describe Venture in their very first interview. This is one company that has piqued Noel's interest, and the company's highly experienced Managing Director Mr. Radonjic is one big reason for that. And it's not just his wealth of experience behind him, it's also the smart strategies he has for the company that makes Venture interesting.

Listen to their interview here, and see why Noel calls Venture a Targeted Diversified Mineral Explorer:

Those of you who have been in the industry for a long time will understand this - yes, there are many diversified companies out there. And you also need to learn to distinguish which ones are the real McCoy, and which ones are simply there to fill up space.

A company with a personality

Venture's diversified portfolio has good projects. Having followed them over the years, and with Mr. Radonjic returning often for Noel's famous coffee conversations Coffee with Samso, Noel is seeing how the company's unique personality is starting to grow and develop.

Of course, as long as we are in the world of business, we can't run away from looking at numbers. For Venture or for other companies, oftentimes, the limiting factor is the fund allocation. All businesses have budgets to take into consideration.

Listen to Mr. Radonjic here:

00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:10 The VMS Rare Earth story.

04:25 The significance of the historical drill holes.

07:33 Venture Projects Potentially in New REE Province?

08:27 What makes the VMS REE story different?

14:41 Is VMS stretching resources to fund all the projects?

19:41 Thoughts on the geopolitical issue surrounding Rare Earths.

22:56 News flow

26:49 Conclusion

The Building of a Western Australia REE project

Venture has been looking at Rare Earth projects for quite some time, so it's not surprising to hear about their creation of a Western Australian based REE project (Figure 1).

Location of the new REE project for Venture Minerals Limited | Coffee with Samso |  Samso

Figure 1: Location of the new REE project for Venture Minerals Limited. (Source: Venture Minerals Limited).

What stands out here is the location. The nearest focus on the REE news has been in the wheatbelt which is still a distance away. For Noel, there isn't anyone else that is building a project near the Venture ground. The rising trend has been in the wheatbelt region of Western Australia which is about 50km to 100km south of the current project.

Do Your Own Research

As Noel always says, DYOR - Do Your Own Research. Keen investors out there who are passionate about the industry will enjoy this. There's lots to discover about Venture.

Read our other latest articles on Venture Minerals:

The discovery of REE within the Mount Lindsay project was first released on 20th September 2022. All of Venture's news releases are listed below.

Samso's Conclusion

It is no big secret that there is a REE bandwagon going around the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) at the moment. Noel has just been at the RIU Conference in Sydney and had a chance to talk and look at some of these projects. The common theme is that the majority of projects have come about from resampling of previous holes. There has been little understanding of the quality of the projects other than the assays.

As Noel has mentioned many times, his go to person for REE information has been Brett Hazelden from OD6 Metals Limited (ASX: OD6). In his latest video, he talks about the refractory nature of some deposits. When the company completed their latest metallurgical work, it became apparent that there is a distinction between deposit types. The distinction is based on how easy it is to extract the REE.

In a simplistic explanation, the OD6 commentary is that the deposits which are highly weathered are easier to extract. In the video he talks about how the deposits further away from the granitic source are more weathered.

Hence, when Noel looks at the Venture announcement, what strikes him immediately is that there are two deep holes which ended in mineralisation. Could these drill holes have gone deeper? The grades look interesting as it is nearly 50m. There are resources out there being funded with grades around less than the historical intercepts announced by Venture Minerals.

The next point that strikes his interest is that the project is located in traditionally deeply weathered terrains. Some of the terrains are weathered in excess of 80 to 100m. If that is so, would the mineralisation have gone that deep? Could the troughs that span a distance act as a trap for the REE?

These are hypothetical observations and he is highlighting it because this is where he feels the project may have some good differences to the other REE projects in the market. For this reason, he encourages readers to seek more information and if possible, speak to Andrew to get more information.


About Andrew Radonjic

Qualifications: BAppSc (Mining Geology), MSc (Mineral Economics), MAusIMM

Mr. Radonjic is a geologist and mineral economist with over 35 years of experience in mining and exploration, with an initial focus on gold and nickel in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. Andrew has fulfilled a variety of senior roles which gave rise to three gold discoveries, totalling in excess of 3 million ounces in resources and resulting in 1.5 million ounces being produced. Since 2006 Andrew has been an executive director with Venture Minerals, which he co-led during the discovery of the Mount Lindsay Tin-Tungsten deposit in North-West Tasmania. He is also a founding co-director of Blackstone Minerals and the non-executive Chairman of Codrus Minerals.

About Venture Minerals Limited

Venture Minerals logo

Venture Minerals Ltd (ASX: VMS) has refocused its approach to developing the Mount Lindsay Tin-Tungsten Project in northwest Tasmania, already one of the world's largest undeveloped Tin-Tungsten deposits. With the recognition of Tin as a fundamental metal to the battery revolution and Tungsten being a critical mineral, Venture has commenced an Underground Feasibility Study on Mount Lindsay that will leverage off the previously completed open-pit feasibility work, and recently included additional, potential large-scale quantities of tin and boron within the current resource base, and extensively throughout the greater Mount Lindsay skarn system. The tin-borates have not previously been assessed in any mining studies. Borate minerals contain a large amount of Boron, a critical mineral in the solar panel industry. At the neighbouring Riley Iron Ore Mine, the mine is prepared for a quick restart should the market conditions become favourable. In Western Australia, Chalice Mining (ASX: CHN) recently committed to the second stage of the JV which requires a further $2.5 million of expenditure over the next two years to earn a further 19% interest (for a total of 70%) in Venture’s South West Project. At the company’s Golden Grove North Project, prospective for zinc, copper and gold, Venture has a JV with SensOre, whilst retaining the rights to REEs having found very high grade REE rock chip samples in the area. Venture has a significant Nickel-Copper-PGE landholding at Kulin with two highly prospective 20-kilometre long Ni-Cu-PGE targets within the Kulin Project.

Venture Minerals Limited | Brilliant-Online

Contact Venture Minerals Limited

Suite 3, Level 3

24 Outram Street, West Perth

Western Australia 6005

P.O. Box 1175,

West Perth, WA 6872

t/ +61 (08) 6279 9428



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