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Province Resources Limited is convinced ESG is here to stay

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

David Frances, Managing Director of Province Resources Limited (ASX: PRL) on a De-risked ESG Business in Green Hydrogen

Investors out there, imagine a totally de-risked project.

You don't have to wait for Christmas to ask for that from Santa Claus. Firstly, it is not a myth, it is possible. And it already exists right here.

That is why today's story is one of the most Compelling ASX Stories that Samso has ever had.

And the key elements for that are Green Hydrogen and a De-risked ESG Business.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso is excited about this story, and rightly so. He has a good feeling about Province Resources Limited (ASX:PRL). They are set to ride an energy wave and they are probably already sprinting ahead.

Noel ponders about what it was like to buy into Woolworths when it listed. He remembers subscribing to the IPO and calling the broker every week asking what it was doing. The company share price started the IPO around the $2.50 mark and it is now at $40 per share, with a market capitalisation of AUD50B.

Now, Woodside is worth AUD21.23B and they are in a sunset industry. Noel still remembers them in the 1990s, the new emerging energy company.

The business of Green Hydrogen has just started and a company like Province Resources with a market capitalisation of approximately AUD150M is actually cheap considering that the likes of Woodside are worth billions.

David Frances shares with us the company's unique Green Hydrogen story here, and talks in-depth about what Hydrogen really is.

Hydrogen is Not Hydrogen. The only thing that will kill this industry will be the Government. ESG is here to stay. - David Frances

Province Resources Limited is about a totally de-risked business. While it is pending some direction from the government, it is something to get excited about. Mr. Frances really goes in-depth in this episode and there are definitely lots of noteworthy bits to jot down.


00:00 - Introduction

54:20 - Who Is David Frances?

01:28 - Why have we not heard of the Hydrogen business ?

02:17 - Hydrogen 101

03:59 - Is Hydrogen Hydrogen?

05:59 - How is the journey for the Efficiency of Hydrogen?

07:56 - What will Province produce?

08:49 - Are you specific to a type of Hydrogen?

10:13 - What is the business for Province and how does it work?

11:43 - The Hydrogen Royalty debate

13:23 - Green Tariff will drive the Green Hydrogen business

14:54 - The ESG is pushing this sector.

15:28 - What is the money people are saying about this Green Hydrogen business?

17:17 - The Importance of ESG parameters.

18:21 - The business plan for Province Resources Limited.

19:38 - Why Carnarvon?

20:55 The Total Eren Factor

22:21 Total De-risking

23:59 - Be careful of the use of the word Hydrogen....

24:36 - How Green Hydrogen fairs with Cost vs. Scale of business.

26:18 - Making the entire supply chain Green.

27:56 - The path that needs to be taken.

28:24 - Is the value of the shares over?

28:54 - The reasons why investing in Province is still in the early stage.

29:35 - When should investors come in? More reasons for investing in Province.

30:15 - What can break this business?

31:07 - Conclusion


About David Frances

Managing Director and CEO

David Frances is an international executive of nearly 30 years with a track record of transacting, discovering, funding, developing and operating assets in Australia and Africa. Mr Frances has been involved in the transformation of several companies including Mawson West (TSX:MWE) which he led from a micro-cap Western Australian based ASX Company which involved delisting the Company and then relisting on the Toronto Stock Exchange after completing the world’s largest base metals capital raise and IPO for 2010.

Mr Frances has served as Chairman – both executive and Non-Executive, Managing Director, and Non-Executive Director of a number of ASX and TSX listed and private Companies across a diverse range of business.

About Province Resources Limited

Province Resources Limited (ASX:PRL) is an ASX listed natural resources company currently focused on the mineral exploration and development of copper, gold, nickel, cobalt, vanadium and other mineral opportunities.

The Company aims to take advantage of the growing usage of these commodities in the growing green energy market.

​Furthermore, Province is investigating the world class wind and solar resources of the Gascoyne Region at the HyEnergy Project, located within close proximity to key infrastructure such as the Dampier Bunbury Gas Pipeline, which may provide potential for the establishment of a Renewable Green Hydrogen Project capable of supplying domestic and international markets.

Contact Province Resources Limited

a/ 358 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008 (Office)

a/ Suite 8, 110 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008 (Registered Office)

p/ +08 9329 6862


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