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Port Macquarie Museum - New Journeys Broad Horizons

Updated: Mar 8

The Port Macquarie Museum is pleased to announce the opening of a new creative exhibition. New Journeys Broad Horizons is the work of Port Macquarie art practitioner Lucy Frost who was commissioned for the project.

The exhibition focuses on bringing selected items from the Museum’s collection to life in the 21st century.

“The exhibition concept was inspired by a metal trunk in our collection that belonged to Marjorie Fanny Frost. Marjorie Frost taught English in Australia and overseas before travelling the world in her retirement”, says Debbie Sommers, Port Macquarie Museum Curator. “When I first met Lucy and heard her background story, the metal trunk came to mind and the idea for the exhibition evolved from there”.

Lucy Frost has brought the museum to life

Following a series of community art workshops held earlier this year, Lucy Frost has responded to five items chosen from our collection, including Marjorie Frost’s trunk”, says Ms. Sommers. “Lucy has explored process, form, colour, texture and content, and used a range of techniques to develop new works that showcase, reimagine and reinterpret the original items for contemporary audiences.”

The exhibition considers both the journeys of the objects and Lucy’s personal journey, and includes interactive elements

Lucy’s works and the original items are displayed together.

“Lucy Frost’s artistic talents extend far beyond the visual arts. She is an accomplished circus performer, producer, set and costume designer to name but a few of her many creative achievements”, says Ms Sommers. “Lucy has created an engaging and fun exhibition which can be summed up in one word joyous and we certainly need some happiness and joy opportunities at the moment. I highly recommend it!.”

The exhibition is supported by Create NSW’s Arts and Cultural Funding Program. The program supports innovation, vibrancy and creativity within the NSW arts and cultural sector. The project funding enabled the Museum to work with a local professional artist on new creative community and audience engagement initiatives.

New Journeys Broad Horizons can be viewed at the Port Macquarie Museum, 22 Clarence Street, Port Macquarie, located in Port Macquarie’s cultural precinct.  The Museum is open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm. The exhibition runs until the end of October. 


Port Macquarie Museum

Ph: 02 6583 1108




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