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Been to Yippin Creek and had a ride on the scale trains?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

✦ A generation of parents and children have! They have enjoyed the train rides conducted by the Hastings Valley Miniature Railway at Yippin Creek, at family outings and parties held in the park each month for ten years now.

Hastings Valley Miniature Railway at Yippin Creek, featured on Brilliant-Online
The Hastings Valley Miniature Railway at Yippin Creek

Heard about it, but not been, or wondered how it came to be and how it works?

One of the members of the Hastings Valley Mini Railway, Mark Stoker told us, “The railway started over twenty years ago and in 2012 moved to the Yippin Creek Reserve. It is run by the members of a non-profit society as a hobby. It exists due to the work of the members and a large amount of community support.”

The railway has received significant support from its neighbours at Yippin Creek, Wauchope Lions, many local businesses, the local council and state government. The railway exists due to the work of the members and so many community oriented groups.

The trains have been built by members as a hobby

Many are scale models of real trains and the steam locomotives are miniature versions of the real thing.

It can take years to build a working train and years to build a working railway to run it on.

The original 230 metre track that opened in 2012 has been extended to include a bridge loop and many working sidings. Later a permanent carriage house and station shelter were built.

Currently a duplication of the entire track is being built, with two of four sections completed and work continuing on the third section with the help of a PMHC Community Grant. It is hoped to be varying the train journey over these new sections later this year. The signalling system will be upgraded to handle the additional track and provide further interest to passengers.

The Hastings Valley Miniature Railway furthers interest in trains, model engineering and small steam models

Members experience all facets of designing, building and operating the railway.

There is an extensive Safe Working Practice in place and members are trained to fill the many roles on the railway in accordance with these guidelines. It is a challenge to complete the many training roles from signals to train driving and firing the steam locomotives. The railway has never been static, but is always improving. There is always room and a welcome for new members.

Mark told us, “The aspects that have stood out for me over 14 years of involvement, have been working with the other members, learning about railways and the satisfaction of running it each month for the enjoyment of local families. If you miss the sounds and smells of a working locomotive from the days of steam this is the place to come. There are often different locomotives running and some permanent favourites.”

If you have not been out to Yippin Creek, get your friends and family together for a picnic and join in on the second Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm.


Wauchope Yippin Creek Railway

Beechwood Rd, Wauchope NSW 2446


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