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Optus responds to network connectivity challenges in Lakewood by delivering a new tower

✦ The new Lakewood tower will enhance indoor mobile coverage for residents and businesses.

With indoor connectivity and coverage challenges plaguing Lakewood residents over the years, Optus has given the region a coverage boost by switching on a new tower in the area, providing the local community with increased network capacity.

Attendees at the Lakewood Optus tower launch in December as featured in Brilliant-Online
L to R: Rod Bucton - Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Peta Pinson - Port Macquarie Hastings Council, Chris Simon - Optus, Dr David Gillespie - Federal Member for Lyne

Providing choice and value

The new Optus 5G tower improves the density of the mobile network and, with no other network investment in the area over the past 12 months, has been eagerly anticipated by residents and the business community.

With this targeted coverage solution bringing improved indoor connectivity, coverage and data speeds, local residents and businesses can benefit from a more consistent and reliable mobile network.

Optus Territory General Manager for Northern NSW, Chris Simon, said the business is pleased to continue strengthening Optus’ coverage to the local community with greater mobile connection and choice through the telco’s ever-improving network projects.

“This tower was necessary for not only Lakewood but also the surrounding communities who were desperate for a resilient and versatile network to improve in-building coverage.” Mr Simon told us.

Not only does the new tower deliver improved 4G and 5G mobile connectivity, coverage, and capacity, but it also provides local businesses and residents with choice and is of great value.

“As we roll out our best network, we know that customers want and need faster download speeds and reliable connectivity whether at home, work, or on the go. The Lakewood tower will allow our customers to live, work, and do the things they love with a better network experience,” said Mr Simon.

“We’re pleased the local community won’t constantly be on the search for a better signal when they enter their homes and offices.”

The investment to expand Optus’ telecommunications infrastructure and mobile coverage is part of an ongoing project to improve range, reliability, and speed across the Optus mobile network. This tower will provide reliable coverage and capacity to the area, providing a competitive telecommunications alternative for residents and businesses in the Lakewood area.


Optus Port Macquarie as featured in Brilliant-Online or 133937


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