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MO-Resin, Australian Made and Owned Jewellery

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

✦ MO are the maker/designer’s initials backwards; Resin is the material he uses. As simple as that. Born and bred in France, settled in Australia in 2006.

His fascination for the female form, curves and lines and the effects of light upon them led him to explore all the curvilinear possibilities offered by resin, furthermore the way that gold and silver leaf can be concealed within it. Using this process, he has now been making his unique collection of jewellery for the last 11 years.

MO is initially an artist

He studied painting and sculpting when he prepared for Les Beaux Arts School in Paris, where he was born in the 1960s. Many years later, when he visited Sydney, MO was amazed by the way art was part of everyday life, especially when he attended Sculptures by the Sea. He decided to come and live here with his family and felt extremely lucky to become an Australian citizen in 2011.

The family lived in the Royal National Park for a few years and are now settled in the Southern Highlands. Here, MO can focus on what fascinates him the most: the way light sits on different materials and makes it look totally different. This is how in 2010, MO started to work with gold and silver leaf inserted into epoxy resin to make jewellery.

He told us, “Every day I push the limits of what I can do with it and it is always a new surprise. In this journey, I found a way to insert a design such as part of my own paintings on gold leaf. Since 2013, using this technique, I am very proud and honoured to work with Aboriginal artists whom I pay royalties to. I am very happy to make art you can wear, accessible to anyone even with a small budget. I have full support of my wife and we work happily hand in hand. And I am also very blessed to work on certain matters with our children. MO Resin is a small family business, and we thank you for supporting us.”

How is MO’s jewellery made?

MO has developed a unique process of embedding materials such as Dutch Gold and Silver leaf accompanied by artistic designs into epoxy resin. As each item is hand-crafted, it is unique; differences between two similar pieces cannot be considered as faults.

Every piece of jewellery is unique, each piece is signed by MO, made by MO in his workshop in the Moss Vale where you are welcome to visit by appointment.

They look like glass, are they fragile as well?

MO’s jewellery is made from epoxy resin which has strength in flexibility and therefore can be worn in the everyday life with no fear of breaking them or damage. They are very comfortable to wear also because they are so light.

In what material are your rings and earrings made?

The rings are all cast with a 316 stainless steel adjustable base, which is extremely strong and resistant to tarnish over time. However MO can also cast them with Sterling silver platinum plated adjustable bases at the customer’s request. The hoops and studs are in stainless steel. The earrings are on sterling silver platinum plated hooks.



1, Dengate Crescent

Moss Vale - NSW 2577 - AUSTRALIA

Mob: 61 (430) 185 917


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