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Local People, Local Action, Better Future!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

✦ Building Community - Enhancing the Environment - Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

Hastings Landcare Incorporated works to harness a thriving, resilient Landcare and wider community dedicated to enhancing our local environment through work on public and private land to improve biodiversity, water and air quality, sustainable farming practices, environmental awareness and a reduction in waste.

Hastings Landcare has provided project management, community capacity building events, volunteer opportunities and a local NRM hub in the Hastings region since 1995. Hastings Landcare is well respected in our local community with a continually growing membership and mailing list, in addition to many great partnerships with local organisations.

Landcare is for everyone and is open to everyone! Landcare is a network of local people who care for a better future!

Grant Opportunity - Conserve Biodiversity Hotspots in the Hastings Region

Hastings Landcare Inc, featured on Brilliant-Online
Conserve Biodiversity Hotspots in the Hastings Region

Farmers and Landholders in the greater Port Macquarie Hastings Local Government Area are urged to not miss out on this opportunity from Hastings Landcare to help conserve biodiversity hotspots in the region. The Grant opportunity encompasses many projects that may be undertaken including fencing, bush regeneration, off stream watering of livestock, weed control and planting of native species.

Hastings Landcare aims to enhance precious resources; wetlands, dams, rivers and rainforest. Funding up to $10,000 is available to successful applicants, with applications closing on the 10th of January, 2022.


This project will economically support rural areas by supporting farmers, purchasing materials locally and through the use of local contractors. Environmentally these projects will enhance biodiversity hotspots, particularly those associated with water to build long term resilience to our landscapes and waterways. This project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales governments under the Bushfire Local Economic Fund.

This community led project supports best practice sustainable agriculture by increasing on farm biodiversity and improving water quality.

Port Macquarie Hastings Council Biosecurity Officer Matt Bell says, "the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors are reliant on biodiversity conservation and good water quality."

Eligible activities will include native species planting, fencing, weed control, alternative stock watering points, etc. Landholder contributions and in-kind works will be required.

Hastings Landcare has a large network of rural landholders and believe community connections build community resilience. Through this project they hope to strengthen the Landcare Network and welcome more landholders and supporters to their group.

Hastings Landcare President Peter Fitzroy says, "connecting rural landholders together equals strong community connections, resilience and an effective ability to overcome problems."

Hastings Landcare is inclusive and open to all.

Landholders from the Port Macquarie Hastings Region are invited to express their interest in the project via an application. Landholders will be chosen based on pre-set criteria relating to biodiversity and water improvement, capacity to deliver and value for money.

If you would like further information or an application form you can contact or 0467 864 465.

Get connected! Get involved! Get your hands dirty!

Who should join?

  • General supporters who like what we do (subscribe to our mailing list)

  • Landcare volunteers who work as a team to protect and restore local bushland (eg. Wauchope Landcare)

  • Rural landholders who are interested in creating, protecting or restoring bushland on their properties for the benefit of wildlife and stock.

  • Rural landholders who are interested in sustainable land management practice (rural landholders make up 76% of our membership).

Hastings Landcare Inc, featured on Brilliant-Online


Download your membership form by clicking here.

Return your membership form to


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