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Lifeline Mid Coast and Dark Alley Collectables have joined forces to host Origami artist John Hender

✦ Hailing from Port Macquarie, John Davidson, or “Origami John” as he is known in these parts, has been a paper engineer and folding artist for the past two years – specialising in origami designs.

It all started a few years ago when John was taught to fold a paper crane. He was trying to give up smoking and needed something to do with his hands. Folding that single crane ignited a passion in him for the folding art.

Port Macquarie, John Davidson, or “Origami John”
Port Macquarie, John Davidson, or “Origami John”

Lifeline Mid Coast met John through Endeavour Clubhouse and through the support of both services, John kept on folding and started researching more complex designs.

His subjects now range from flowers to animals and everything in between.

John says precision is the key, whether folding a butterfly or an interlocking modular structure. John is enthusiastic in his work, exploring representational and structural objects in this time-honoured practice of folding paper into eye-catching works of art.

Each Friday, John heads up to Maker Space in Port Macquarie with the Lifeline Crew and he sits and folds his complex designs.

“Origami John is always presenting us with gifts of his amazing creations," says Lifeline’s Marketing Manager Lisa Willows. "Last year Lifeline’s Suicide Prevention Manager, Kelly Saidey received a beautiful sunflower and Peer Support Worker Karen Hamilton received a beautiful pig and they were all lucky enough to receive hand crafted “Origami” Santa cards for Christmas last year. John truly has a gift and we have watched it grow into more complex designs over the past 12 months."

More recent sessions at Maker Space has seen John branch out into decoupage. Both the Lifeline office and Maker Space are filled with beautiful decoupage lampshades, covered tissue boxes and much more.

Dark Alley Collectables are honoured to be hosting a curation of John’s Origami designs, during Artwalk 2022. The artworks are on display now until June 17th.

This is Origami John’s first exhibition of folded arts forming part of the Artwalk event for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council in 2022. Drop in to Dark Alley Collectables, 125 William Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444.


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