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Enjoy a koala experience like no other this June long weekend

Updated: Apr 30

✦ Don’t miss this rare opportunity to explore the Maria River Koala Tree Plantation as part of the Hastings Farm Gate Tour.

Did you know, koalas in our region mostly eat from just 10 species of Eucalyptus trees – and that one koala can eat up to a kilogram of leaves in a 24-hour period? 

Maria River Plantation. Photo: Hastings Farm Gate Tour | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

If you are visiting Port Macquarie, don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn more about Australia's most well-loved icon and the initiatives that are carried out to keep them safe and thriving.

Make your trip to Port Macquarie one to remember this June long weekend by going on a guided tour of the Maria River Koala Tree Plantation operated by Koala Conservation Australia (KCA). The site will be one of 20 featured in the Hastings Farm Gate Tour, providing a behind-the-scenes peek at some incredible community conservation work to save koalas. 

Louise Hoade, local Koala Officer at KCA, said the Hastings Farm Gate Tour is a fantastic way to learn about koalas, and how to protect koala habitat to ensure they survive and thrive into the future.

“Maria River plantation has 11,000 koala food trees, while the rest of the 102-hectare property has coastal native habitat partly protected in perpetuity by a Biodiversity Conservation Agreement. It sits next to Maria National Park,” Ms Hoade said.
Maria River Plantation. Photo: Hastings Farm Gate Tour | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

“The property was acquired in 2014 to provide for the rescue and rehabilitation efforts of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.”

"In addition, Koala Conservation Australia has given 160,000 koala food trees to landholders over the past six years. This fosters valuable local corridors and helps to re-establish vital habitat for our wildlife.” 

Maria River Plantation. Photo: Hastings Farm Gate Tour | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

The Maria River Koala Tree Plantation is one of two host sites featuring koala conservation in this year’s Hastings Farm Gate Tour. The self-drive tour is held over the June long weekend, celebrating our regenerative farmers and land custodians of the Greater Port Macquarie, Hastings and Camden Haven areas.

This new partnership between Koala Conservation Australia, the NSW Government’s Koala Program and Hastings Farm Gate Tour, which is run by local not-for-profit Earth Logic, gives even more variety to the Farm Gate Tour experience. 

President of Earth Logic, Jacqui Murray, said they have six new host sites in 2024, including both urban gardens and rural properties. 

“We are lucky to be featuring two beautiful koala conservation properties thanks to the partnership with Koala Conservation Australia, some wonderful private permaculture gardens, as well as our local farmers showcasing sustainable food production and of course some animal petting opportunities. 

“There is just so much to see and do, and something for everyone.”

Over the three days 20 innovative farms and permaculture gardens will open their gates, giving the community the opportunity to see what they are producing, sample some locally grown food, learn about their regenerative and conservation practices and have some fun. 

Family fun at Hastings Farm Gate Tour. Regenerative Farming. Photo: Hastings Farm Gate Tour | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

The event is family-friendly, so buy a ticket, pack a picnic and explore our region and all that it has on offer. Bringing an esky is also a great idea as some host sites sell their produce or offer opportunities to pick some produce. Each property offers a different experience but walking shoes are a must with some farm tours involving walking over paddocks and uneven terrain. 

“Last year around 1000 people participated in the Hastings Farm Gate experience. It is truly a unique opportunity for urban dwellers to experience first-hand how healthy food is produced and for landowners to learn about ecologically sound farm or land use practices.”

Hastings Farm Gate Tour June 2024. Photo: Hastings Farm Gate Tour | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

The Hastings Farm Gate Tour is on the long weekend June 8 to 10 and is sponsored in 2024 by Port Macquarie-Hastings Council and the NSW Government. The NSW Government delivered $5000 in funding in December last year towards this event which will educate the community about koala conservation and specifically about conservation initiatives that can be adopted on rural properties.  

Tickets are available early May, but you can register your interest at the below link so that you can be notified first when tickets go on sale.

Hastings Farm Gate Tour | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

Contact Hastings Farm Gate Tour

Visit to learn more and find a list of some of their farms and permaculture gardens. 


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