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Judith Jackson of Bean Guru brings joy even to bookkeeping!

Updated: Apr 30

✦ Forget the stereotype of accounting. Judith Jackson shows there is a better attitude to help businesses align with their numbers - with Joy!

Judith brings joy to everything she does. It's true, those who know her personally and professionally can attest that the big smile you see is genuine and absolutely contagious. A familiar face in our community, many know Judith as the trusty treasurer of Micro Business Forum, Brilliant-Online's bookkeeper and also the treasurer of the National Board of Christian Surfers.

Judith Jackson, the Bean Guru | Brilliant Magazine
Judith Jackson, the Bean Guru

Accounting around the world

As the founder of Bean Guru, Judith brings her decades of accounting experience harnessed from working around the globe from Canada to London to Sydney. She started working actively with small businesses when she decided to work closer to home setting up her family. This helped her to really understand the demands and challenges of small to medium businesses, and what difficulties start-ups experience. It naturally led her to create Bean Guru to help people organise their business, so they can spend more time developing their business.

Empowering business owners

With a strong attention to detail, Judith has been helping businesses ensure their books are up to date and accurate. She helps to organise the flow of documents, ensuring timely compliance and accurate cashflow. It's all about bringing peace of mind to her clients. Many small business owners find the mere thought of looking at their numbers incredibly stressful. This is where Judith steps in to help business owners understand their financial report so they are also empowered in their financial knowledge of growing their business.

Clients know they can speak to Judith about their concerns honestly, and she brings her calmness and experience to the table, ultimately bringing a smile to their faces when they realise their concerns do have a solution, finances can be organised and they do not have to dread the next financial paperwork.

See Judith's panel session on clarity in numbers here.

What joy looks like for Judith

Joy is playing football with Iona Sports Club, where her daughter also plays, and her husband coaches the team. They are all involved in the inaugural season for a Women's team for Iona.

Joy is also in getting her hands deep in dirt and smelling the greenery and appreciating the flowers in her garden.

Joy is playing with Lego! Yes, Judith loves building colourful blocks when she's not building spreadsheets!

Joy is having a little chat over coffee or her favourite Earl Grey tea! We love meeting tea lovers from all over, you may just see Judith on our #BrilliantTea campaign too!

Joy is having her Christmas tree up on 1st November every year so her family maximises the fun!

Imagine what it would feel like to experience your business' finances through the attitude of joy and empowerment! Have a cup of tea with Judith at Bean Guru and you may well start to see your business through different lenses!

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Judith Jackson, the Bean Guru
Judith Jackson, the Bean Guru


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