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In pursuit of the best ramen in town

Updated: Jun 10

✦ CEO of Brilliant-Online Veronica Lind is a true-blue foodie who is always on the hunt for the best of familiar home favourites. Ramen was on her hunting list during her recent travels.

An iconic comfort food from Japan, the word 'ramen' simply warms the cockles of one's stomach. It is simply a generous bowl of noodles with soup and a variety of ingredients. The key to good ramen is really in the broth, which can be made from chicken or pork and is known as 'dashi'. Then there are the ramen noodles which have a unique flavour and are nice and springy. It is made from wheat flour, salt, water and a special alkaline water called 'kansui'. When it comes to the rest of the ingredients, the possibilities are endless.

The best Ramen in Luxembourg | Brilliant Magazine
The best Ramen in Luxembourg


I got my Asian fix when I was in Luxembourg at MANZOKU Ramen Bar, reputed to be the best ramen restaurant there. It was expensive (what isn't in Luxembourg!), with a cold can of tea for AUD10 and a bowl of ramen for AUD40. I admit it was delicious, and the place was packed, with queues starting at 11:30am. I got there early because I was determined to get my ramen that day! It turned out to be a pretty satisfying meal with creamy chicken broth, golden egg yolks, tender roast chicken and thinly sliced pork pieces. In fact it was so good, I went back a second time! Because of the crowd, I was shoved into a corner seat both times and had to be hurried to place my orders. I understand they want as many customers as possible but I was hoping to have time to savour the delicious ramen. Both times the taste were good. Consistent good food is key to success in any restaurant.


Have you tried this famous lobster ramen at Sydney's Michelin-rated restaurant Mensho Ramen Sydney? If I thought the queue in Luxembourg was bad enough, wait till you hear about the queues at this place! People wait over 1.5h and fork out AUD54 on a single bowl of lobster ramen!

I simply had to try it for myself and when Nixon the owner of Mensho Ramen Sydney at York Street invited me to try their Michelin-star ramen I was all ready to go! It certainly lived up to the hype, with springy noodles, creamy chicken broth, hard-boiled eggs with the perfect golden yolk. I hope to try the lobster ramen the next time.

You may be disappointed to know that the restaurant does not take bookings, so you will have to queue up if you want to get your ramen fix! I would have much preferred it if we could have placed our order at a table instead. I am really eager to explore the various items on the menu and would enjoy being introduced to them in person. I totally get the appeal of using an ordering app, though!

Photos: Veronica with owner of Mensho Ramen Sydney, Nixon, trying out the restaurant's Michelin-star Signature Toripaitan ramen at lunch.

Are you hungry yet? Then get an early start with your pre-lunch exercise i.e., queueing outside either restaurant in anticipation of a heartwarming bowl of ramen! If you have tried out other amazing ramen places, do share with us!

Mensho Sydney

Phone: 1300 339 603

Address: Shop 2 Temperance Lane, Sydney NSW 2000

TUES - SUN: LUNCH 12-2:30PM // DINNER 5-9:30PM


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