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How Silver Quinn Productions Captures the Essence of your Story

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We spoke with Steve Brbich to find out what the world looks like from behind the lens.

Capturing real moments that convey powerful messages is what Silver Quinn Productions (SQP) does as a creative video and communication collaborator.

Located in Port Macquarie on the vibrant Mid North Coast of NSW Australia, Silver Quinn Productions is run by bespoke content creator Steve Brbich. Steve is a Kiwi and technically now-Aussie, having lived on the east coast of Australia for the past 18 years. During his time here, he has built up a professional community of like-minded creatives from the graphics, music and communications industries.

Why do businesses turn to video as an effective means of getting their message out there?

  • 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. (Source: Google)

  • 92% of consumers acknowledge that video is the most influential factor affecting purchase decisions.

The Magic of Motion

Motion picture has never stopped capturing people's imagination and it has changed the way people view the world. It is not just about a reel of film and a projector. It is a magic box of a myriad of emotions that can be pulled out when blended with music, voice over, silence or candid conversation.

"There is something so special about capturing a moment that is real and raw. Enabling businesses to create key motion messages that platform and showcase their unique offering to target audiences, is something that SQP does best”. - Steve Brbich, Silver Quinn Productions

Silver Quinn Productions has a wide scope, creating content for start up organisations through to large enterprises. Whether it is large construction companies like Shipway Constructions and Collins W Collins or solar installers like Solahart and even boutique beauty salons like B Beauty, Steve’s lens and creativity have been creating a powerful visual, auditory and emotional channel through which businesses can present themselves to the world.

Behind the Lens

Things can get really busy beyond the lens. Steve scales the focus of the content based on the business’ intended message. Sometimes he may need to animate a logo or graphic. Some businesses may even require subtitles for accessibility. Words can also be polarised to create a specific focus. Let's not forget there are symbols and sound effects with colour grading that can be applied to the polished piece. The entire process is multi-dimensional and multi-sensory. It is not enough to just film, yell Take One, Cut and pack up.

Product, service and event video capture are at the core of what SQP offers to their clients and partners. Having worked with a variety of clients across different industries, Steve can create anything from arranging a final video production for social media to website applications. He is also no stranger to creating television advertisements or showcasing a memorable event. A vital ingredient to SQP’s success is its ability to cater to different styles and making it relevant to each individual client.

Working the Technical Magic

It is quite amazing to watch the SQP team at work. If you have a chance to follow them on one of their work days, you will not look at another video in the same way again after.

SQP has the production equipment to capture footage from the air, underwater, in flight, still and through different seasons and lighting conditions. You can find the team in all sorts of geographical challenges and weather conditions. They are either busy poring over the many angles, testing out the variations of light or finding the right frame. One “simple” video requires hours and hours of pure patience, meticulousness and a dogged commitment to getting the shot and the reel images exactly right. And even after they have achieved all that, it is still not time for a coffee break. Editing is the next step to ensure that the intended message is communicated clearly by a combination of focused and subtle shots seamlessly woven together.

This is how SQP uses all the right tools to make any event, business profile or service offering come to life. The medium of video is highly effective in achieving several objectives at one go - targeting audience reach, propelling a brand or pivoting a service offering. Sometimes it could be as simple as sharing a moment in time.

Evoking Emotions

When Steve and his team are at work, they come in as professionals and they also have a relaxed and open approach as they work through the processes. This is a creative endeavour and their blend of professional expertise coupled with creative openness is what makes their work rich with magic moments. Together with the client, Steve and his team are creating a vision and weaving a video solution that has its unique identity, flavour and essence. It pulls out emotions from people watching what they have created.

What clients appreciate about Steve and his team is also how they pay attention to how people feel when they are on camera. A good video is not all about fancy equipment and dazzling landscapes. A good video delivers a clear message and this is not possible if someone is tense and nervous in front of the camera. SQP values the clients' state of mind first, and then they bring in all the rest of the technical wizardry.

Steve himself is a natural creative and he has an eye for detail that has been honed over the years to spot exactly what is required to bring across the client's message, be it to highlight a celebration, capture a moment in time, or propel a business brand. What Steve is doing is creating the essence of a memory. Proust would have wanted Steve to make a video for him and his timeless madeleines.

To view a selection of SQP content or to enquire about a creative solution, please visit the Silver Quinn Productions page at or click through to their Instagram page @silverquinnproductions, and Facebook page @silverquinnproductions

Consultations are complimentary and tailored service packages can be crafted to suit requirements.


Steve Brbich


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