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Horses for Courses on Show

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Spurs n Lace is a proud sponsor of the New South Wales State Quarter Horse Championships from 4th to 7th March 2021

Weed the horse photo taken by Mel @ Crazy Horse Designs featured on Brilliant online magazine
Meet Weed the horse - photo taken by Mel @ Crazy Horse Designs

The popular Sydney Quarter Horse Association (SQHA) has saddled up a new sponsor for its next show season, with equestrian retailer Spurs n Lace ready to hit the show trail.

SQHA enables owners of all western breed horses in the Sydney region to show their horses at high levels of all aspects of western horsemanship - western pleasure, trail classes, hunter under saddle, ranch riding and reining & halter events.

The association holds several regular shows and clinics throughout its show year, from August through to July, with all of them conducted by SQHA judged by Australian Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) qualified judges. Competitors are assured that the standard of competition is maintained at a high level.

Equestrian Fit

It’s all a natural fit for Spurs n Lace, the one-stop online shop for everything equestrian that specialises in outdoors style, durability and comfort.

Its quality horse tack and foodstuffs, fashionable upmarket apparel and heavy-duty work gear are all just a click away for anyone seeking quality equestrian equipment and apparel, whether for the showground, dressage field, farm or outback.

For youngsters just starting out on the equestrian trail, Spurs n Lace has a focus on providing quality gear and apparel to help develop riding school experiences into a life-long love of horses and the outdoors.

Renowned Australian outdoor brands, such as Ariat, Roper and Ringers Western are available, with all products carefully selected for high standards of quality and wear.

Quarter Horse History

The Quarter Horse in SQHA’s title refers to the horse originally bred to work cattle ranches in the USA and later used as a cowboy’s holiday racer over quarter-mile courses; hence the name.

The breed is thought to have started with an English thoroughbred stud called Janus, brought to the US in 1750 and crossed with the Chicksaw Indian pony, which in turn was a descendent of the Spanish Conquistador’s Arabian derivative.

The Quarter Horse breed was formally documented and a stud register started in 1940 with its foundation sire, Wimpey P1.

Australian Quarter Horses began with imports of purebred examples from Texas in the 1950s and it’s now an established breed.

Continual imports mean that Australian Quarter Horses are of an equally high standard to any available elsewhere around the world. Its stud and show registers are held by the AQHA, which also advises on the status of breeders, judges, and show events.

Western Breeds

In addition to Quarter Horses, SQHA also caters to all Western breeds - Appaloosa, Paint, Palouse Pony - with classes held for all categories at each of its shows.

Show results are submitted to three associations, AQHA-PHAA-AAA, with horses’ results kept recorded with their own breed association.

The association keeps records of results for club high points and entrants must be a SQHA member to have points recorded to compete for these high points.

The SQHA Committee holds regular meetings and holds three General Meetings each year as well as an AGM, with the General Meetings and AGM open to all members.

Members can keep fully informed of activities and show dates through the SQHA website and a SQHA Facebook page.

Spurs n Lace

Spurs n Lace Spurs is an online shop for everything country, western, Equine, farm and tradie's workwear.

Retail - Shop 2, 1 High St, Wauchope, NSW 2446


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