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Help Save Elvis Presley's Circle G Ranch!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

✦ The King's house is actually falling down, and fans all over the world are coming together to save it before it's too late.

"Sometimes he’d ride alone. I remember one day I happened to look out of the window. It was twilight. The sky was aglow in misty blue and radiant pink. There was Elvis walking Rising Sun, his Golden Palomino. I saw them as silhouettes against the darkening sky. Elvis was walking slowly, I could practically hear him breathe. His breath was easy, his body relaxed. At that moment I was convinced that my husband had actually found peace." - Priscilla Presley, wife of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley's Circle G Ranch was where he spent a good part of his honeymoon with Priscilla. It is believed that was where Lisa Marie was conceived as well.

The Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake, Mississippi once owned by Elvis Presley | Photo: The Destin Log
The Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake, Mississippi | Photo: The Destin Log

Considering the impact The King has had on the entire planet (in pre-social media age), and the legion of fans he has inspired over the course of his career, it comes as rather shocking news that any artefact, any building even remotely associated with The King could possibly be left to ruin. And yet, this has and is still happening at The King's ranch house.

How it came about

The group that owned the ranch for the last 9 years have done nothing to repair, preserve or protect the property. Whatever promises they made when they bought the ranch have clearly been left to crumble as the property itself has.

Their neglect means that the world is in imminent danger of losing all the precious elements on the ranch that are tied to Elvis' tenure.

This video below illustrates what the ranch was like before and how it is now. For Elvis fans watching this, it may be disturbing. And yet, it is important people are aware of what is happening and can decide for themselves what they can do to help.

Watch Elvis' Circle G Ranch petition video

Where is Elvis' ranch?

The Circle G ranch is located in Horn Lake Mississippi, a 30-minute drive from Graceland. The ranch was listed on the National Register of Historic Sites in 2019. In 2021, Elvis fans from all over the world, led by The Circle G Foundation, sponsored a Mississippi State Historic Marker for the ranch. It was the first Mississippi State Marker to be sponsored internationally, which is an amazing indication of how one man has brought people from all over the world to unite together out of a love for his music, his personality, his life.

Elvis fans now fear that the Marker could soon be the only indication that Elvis was ever there. If you think about the wild energy his concerts generated, and how that still continues today with Elvis Tribute Artists carrying on the fire (and audiences are still wild), it is somewhat inconceivable that this scenario could ever come to pass. If nobody does anything, that would be the absolute death knell for the ranch.

It is a non-profit organisation with the Mission Statement:

To explore all opportunities to protect and preserve the elements at the Circle G Ranch connected to Elvis’ tenure at the property. To have his connection with the City of Horn Lake celebrated and commemorated and to continue his charitable and humanitarian legacy - his Circle G Ranch acting as our inspirational beacon.

Since 2010, The Circle G Foundation has been working diligently to find buyers for the ranch. It has not always been smooth and managing the disappointments and failed promises has been trying on the group. Now they are doing their best to secure the future of the ranch by facilitating discussions between parties who could save it for generations to come.

Over the years, The Circle G Foundation has also raised money for charity, all given in the name and memory of Elvis Presley, whose humanitarian acts were, and still continue to be a key part of why his fans are so devoted to him. Such is the legacy of The King that it is difficult to write about him in the past tense. So much of him still lives on in his fans even in our present day.

The Circle G Foundation is proud to continue Elvis' charitable legacy and they are all hard at work with their initiative to save the ranch.

On a mission to save Circle G Ranch

After seeing the heartbreaking state of the ranch, The Circle G Foundation decided they needed a new initiative to secure the future of the ranch come what may. And so began an online petition and fans from all over the world have been signing and are still doing so now.

While the petition is running, the group has embarked on Phase 2 of their campaign where they are emailing the Governor and other State Officials in Mississippi to make them aware of the situation and request for their help to preserve the ranch.

The Circle G Foundation has produced a detailed document outlining how the ranch could be restored, with suggestions on how it can be done not only to benefit Elvis fans but to also bring social and economic benefits to the City of Horn Lake and its citizens. The team involved in this campaign include experts in Historic Preservation, construction, the music industry and Elvis tourism. Every member is well placed and has the skills and knowledge to make it work. It is a serious endeavour and the team is dedicated and committed to doing right by Elvis, and doing it well so the whole restoration project can be a sustainable one for generations to come.

The Circle G Experience - Our Vision for the Circle G Ranch is available if anyone is interested by contacting The Circle G Foundation for a copy.

It is clear that the current owners of the ranch are not fit to be the custodians of the Circle G Ranch. Their neglect is disrespectful to Elvis Presley, his family, his legacy, his legion of fans, and even to the City of Horn Lake and the great State of Mississippi. It is beyond comprehension how Graceland sits majestically on the hill in Memphis while just a few short miles away in Horn Lake Mississippi, his beloved Circle G Ranch is actually rotting away in a miserable state.

If we can dream...

Before we descend into doom and gloom, one must remember the spirit of Elvis continues to live, and his music has brought hope, comfort and joy to many and still does. That is his essence and we leave you here with one of his many songs of hope - the hope of a better land, where the strong wind of promise will blow away doubt and fear, where hope keeps shining on everyone. The Circle G Foundation has the strength to dream of restoring his beloved ranch, and we can all help by making that dream come true.

Every signature on the online petition is building the possibility of restoring Elvis' beloved ranch, his sanctuary of peace. Sign now and keep the Elvis dream alive.


The Circle G Foundation

Lesley Pilling (Mrs), Founder & Director of The Circle G Foundation


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