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Harvest Your Health

Beverly McCulloch, Yoga Health Coach & Therapist, Healing Heart Yoga

I’m Beverly McCulloch, the founder of Healing Heart Yoga, a Yoga centre based in Taree. My life is teaching, sharing and embracing the ancient teachings and wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, both thousands of years old and now being validated by modern science as some of the most effective ways to regain our full health and wellness.

I have a clear life purpose – in yoga we refer to it as dharma. Supporting and guiding motivated people on their journey to reduce stress, live a life in alignment with rhythm of the days and seasons as well as their values and form a long-lasting healthy relationship with food for easeful and graceful living and aging. Body. Mind. Spirit.

I’m a Certified Yoga Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. My training is based in tradition with most of my study done in India, investing in my own wellness with a goal of being able to share the teachings to help others in their own healing. I’ve been teaching Yoga for over 13 years, have run teacher training, practice Yoga Therapy (personalised Yoga working on a multi-dimensional basis), I teach local Yoga classes and pre-COVID I was taking groups annually to India.

My main focus now is an online program “Harvest Your Health: Change your habits, change your life” that introduces members to simple daily self-care and eating habits that help them regain their natural state of health and stay vibrant and healthy while realising their full human potential. I coach members on identifying their limiting habits and replacing them with ones that will support achieving their personal goals, whatever that may be for each individual. For members who are local, we have monthly face to face gatherings in my studio to maintain the connection and community of the group. It’s the group connection that truly empowers the women where they all support each other. After 18 months of running this program, the results speak for themselves. It’s not a quick fix – it’s a lifestyle for life long change. Whether it’s losing weight (and keeping it off), sleeping better, reducing anxiety, finding flow in your life – getting back the joy – it’s all there for us, we just need to have the skills to unearth it.

I’m currently offering a special 6 month membership for the seasons of Winter and Spring this year as a taster for the full program of 12 months. Subject to many passing fads, that offer 30 day challenges (or less), it does take a lot longer to change habits. We repeat the daily routines every season – to adapt to the change in season and also to go deeper each time. It then becomes an automated habit. No more decision fatigue. It’s a truly transformative journey for everyone in the program. You take charge and responsibility of your own health, relationships so you can live your best life.

Healing Heart Yoga

Certified Yoga Health Coach

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

Certified & Registered Level 2 Yoga Teacher

Yoga Australia Member No. 1811

0414 499 438


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