Golden rays of the morning’s sun begin to throw sparkles across the ocean

Updated: Oct 12

✦ You’re excited, you’re ready. Dressed in a wetsuit for ultra-comfort, softboard under your arm, you can’t help but smile at the day you’re about to have. Excited, nervous, joyful feelings run through the body.

Soul Surfing changing lives for the better for 16 years in Port Macquarie
Loren and Corey - your inspiration is their aim

These quickly melt into the water during your surf session with Soul Surfing’s Loren and Corey. Nurtured, honoured, laughing and thrilled by the ease of quality coaching that helps you feel the natural high, the salt water cleanse, the delight of surfing. How can your day possibly improve from this? The magic of Soul Sisters or Souls Unite begins…

“Little did I know that the opportunity to join a full 11-hour Soul Sisters Retreat would strum the Soul to sing more tunefully and tangibly by day’s close, and in tune with other such beautiful Sister Souls. By glow of morning, we warmed to the powerful breath of cool ocean wave. Bodies, mind and soul nourished by evening glow; the finishing chords a gift. Thank you, Loren, a gift herself, and to all the participatory teachers and guides, inclusive of each sister there.” - Roxanne. 2020

For 16 years Soul Surfing have been changing lives for the better

Bringing in greater balance to adults, children and teens. Life is a series of waves, rising and falling on the ocean’s bosom. Learning to surf these waves, the peaks and the troughs, is part of Soul Surfing’s philosophy. Metaphorically and figuratively. "We love what we do, so love is what we do. At Soul Surfing you are not a number, you are a soul, about to be moved by surfing life’s waves," Corey told us.

"This was such an incredible day. Loren just has a powerfully nurturing way of creating an experience that cracks you open in all the right ways. These Soul Sisters days always lead to positive transformation. I have gone to a few now and they just get better and better. Thank you, Loren and all the other facilitators, and all the soul sisters that shared the experience of this very special day." - Christine 2019

Soul Surfing began as Surf and Yoga retreats in 2000, seeing Loren and Corey finally launching their dream fully in 2006 (and with child 3 on the way). Now with 4 children, they are still teaching them how to follow their dreams, pursue heart values and grow richly connected to earth, surf, community and self, just as Loren and Corey aim to do daily.

"Our parenting mission for community responsible role models that give more than they take is flowing well. They are deeply grounded, inspired children that are way more than super charging surfers in all their own ways," Loren told us.

The last 9 years evolved the original 3–5-day retreats into 1 or 2 day weekend retreats. This has allowed locals, parents, weekend workers, and inter region or interstate visitors to all enjoy the benefits of Soul Sisters and Souls Unite.

Soul Surfing, Sou Ascension Yoga, Soul Sisters, Souls Unite
Soul Surfing is a life changing experience

What does it mean to become a Soul Sister?

It means you embarked on a full (like really full, 10-12 hour) day of discovery. The thrills and spills of surfing, delicious, deep yoga, and hours of magic weaved through varying workshops delivered not only by Loren, but also local facilitators that share their gifts, talents and expertise.

You’re fed, transported (physically and energetically) to beautiful spaces to nurture and nourish your soul. You’ve taken time out to put yourself first, not selfishly or shallowly, but authentically to re-ignite your spark for joy, balance, love and connection. You leave empowered by all you have experienced and learnt. You shared a unique journey of self and with other women, and are now a Soul Sister.

What does it mean to be a United Soul?

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is a day for you both. Combined. Balanced and in harmony. Learning and growing from both the feminine and masculine aspects of life and within us. Uplifted, challenged and supported through activities all again designed for your soul nourishment and growth. Led again, by Loren and Corey and other wonderful local experts in their guidance to light. The unique all-inclusive FULL day from morning ‘til night.

“I’m feeling great after this Souls Unite experience. It’s exactly what I needed, it called to me and I’m glad I went. I’d love to send my wife with me to the next one for this amazing experience.” - Bruce 2022

Continuing surfing lessons with Soul Surfing often continues after these retreats. There have been surf students joining weekly lessons for up to 5 years or more. So too with Loren’s Soul Ascension Yoga classes. Some students have followed Loren since she began weekly classes 7 years ago!