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Fighters For Our Region

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

This group of political candidates for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council definitely understands how the Gen Z and millennials work with hashtags! I hope they will have a #BrilliantFollowing :) But nothing comes without a challenge.

The group of councillors and mayor elected to lead the Port Macquarie-Hastings local government area for the next three years will face significant challenges on a number of fronts.

Some of the major issues confronting the incoming council include, solving the current growth crisis, maintaining the integrity of our beautiful lifestyle and the natural beauty, meeting community expectations, better communication, transparency along with the delivery of real solutions. And this is just a short list!

One group of five long-term residents – Fighters for our Region #TeamIntemann – says it has the experience, proven track record, knowledge and passion to meet and exceed those challenges on behalf of the community.

The five are, current deputy mayor and long-term councillor Lisa Intemann – who is also standing for mayor; Kinsley Searle; Stewart Cooper; Narelle Milligan; and Paul Bradford.

They are proven local champions and leaders who are well-established in the community.

Cr Intemann is the leader of the group and brought together the four candidates who had the skillsets to provide effective leadership for Council.

The group understands the need for teamwork throughout council and within the community with working effectively and constructively with state and federal government representatives on common ground issues.

Fighters For Our Region is united in their desire to solve the current growth crisis that is threatening what every resident loves about our region – its delightful lifestyle and phenomenal natural environment.

While there is always the need for job creating opportunities, the balance is to ensure planning is undertaken and implemented that gives due consideration to community needs while ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place prior to development being undertaken.

Fighters For Our Region believes in the motto: Less talk, more action!

This is achieved through building trust with the community through transparent communication and driving the delivery of real solutions; joining forces with all key stakeholders to plan, manage growth and ensure key infrastructure is delivered ahead of developments; and, delivering core services (Roads, Sewerage, Water, Garbage, etc).

The members of Fighters For Our Region are as diverse as the Port Macquarie-Hastings LGA they represent.

All five understand there are differing needs and requirements across the local government area.

Port Macquarie has the dominant population with all the needs of a growing city but it is also important to understand that our smaller coastal towns, villages and rural areas have similar level priorities. Fighters For Our Region understands those very different requirements and will act with understanding and balance to meet expectations, no matter where you live.


For Mayor

Lisa began her career as a scientist in biochemistry then pollution control. With her husband she ran a tourist operation in Sydney, and later worked in regional community development. She is a director of Hastings Co-operative Ltd, and a long-standing Port Macquarie-Hastings councillor, also serving as Deputy Mayor from 2015 to the present, proving herself an honest broker and genuine leader.

​A lifelong learner, having gained two degrees and a doctorate, Lisa brings a comprehensive approach to council, applying herself across all aspects from strategic planning to individual resident concerns, and is well-respected for her balanced, factually informed, and ethical approach.

​No stranger to the controversial and often intractable challenges of council, Lisa’s foundation strategy is teamwork both within and outside council, believing the best solutions come from shared purpose, up-front stated values and considering all points of view, even the most unexpected.

​Cr Intemann has at various times chaired and led many of council’s committees, and public meetings as-needed, and is known for good communication and brevity.

​Life and nature are her delight, and she sees a great economic future in our area, especially building on our university presence and our small but strong local manufacturing sector.

​Recognising the burgeoning population growth as a mixed blessing that comes at high cost to council and the community, Lisa continues to be a strong advocate for preserving local places of character, and better planning and control in both urban and rural areas.

​Traffic congestion and infrastructure management, especially water and stormwater, are seen as key issues, as well as the essential task of building trust and stronger, more constructive relations with the community and all levels of government.

Lisa Intemann on facebook:


For Councillor

Kingsley moved to Port Macquarie from Sydney in the 70s, met my wife Vivianne and married at Rollands Plains in 1982 now currently living on the North Shore of Port Macquarie. He is standing for council because he cares. Not a decision taken lightly, and he believes the time is right and a natural progression from many years of representing the community at the grass roots level to representing the community as their voice to achieve real change from inside the council.

Kingsley has been lobbying, negotiating and achieving successful outcomes through Community Associations for over 30 years.

  • Long serving member of Council’s Coast, Estuary & Floodplain Advisory Sub-Committee as one of the community representatives.

  • Life Member of the North Shore Progress Association Inc. Over 30 years holding various committee positions including the position of President.

  • NSW Rural Fire service volunteer, over 34 years of service with 15 years as captain, Life member of North Shore Rural Fire Brigade and RFS instructor/ assessor.

  • Secretary of the NSW Farmers Federation Hastings River Oyster branch for 2 years.

He loves this area and wouldn’t live anywhere else! Kingsley’s goal is to continue being an ambassador / spokesperson and fighter for our region and its needs, fostering closer ties across the region including the hinterland and coastal villages. If we focus on the needs of our residents and support and build communities first, then residents and visitors will both benefit and enjoy the unique culture that will build up in our area.

Like many in our community, Kinglsey is a volunteer and understands the importance and the sacrifices every volunteer makes to enhance our community. He will do all possible to encourage the council to support and acknowledge the vital role that all volunteers play.

Kingsley Searle on facebook:


For Councillor

Stewart is a respected professional who has been running his own company for over 17 years. He is a Certified Practicing Accountant and a Project / Program Manager who has been contracted by some of Australia’s largest companies as well as spending several years working for global companies both in Australia and overseas.

Stewart with his wife Patricia moved to Lake Cathie to semi-retire. However, since moving to Lake Cathie Stewart has volunteered many hours to the community in trying to resolve local issues.

Stewart is a founding member of “Saving Lake Cathie” which is active in trying to restore the Lake Innes and Lake Cathie system to health and he also represents the Lake Cathie community on the Council Community Action Team (CCAT)

Stewart is also currently Secretary / Treasurer for the Hastings Photography Group where he pursues a passion for photography.

Stewart wants to see a greater focus on transparent communication as well as the frequency in communication from Council. He also wants to push for a greater focus on infrastructure planning being tied to developments so that they occur in advance or concurrently rather than years after the event if at all. Strategies for strategies sake is simply a waste of money but Council has done a large number of strategies over the past few years. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily integrate with each other even though they impact each other.

Stewart also has a strong interest in issues such as Illaroo Road in Lake Cathie and the coastal erosion solution, the Coastal Management Plan which will encompass Lake Cathie / Innes, the Hastings and Camden Haven, and then the Ocean Drive strategy which will ultimately occur years after the developments it was supposed to support and does not incorporate roads such as Houston Mitchell Drive which could be used to offload some of the traffic. The Bonny Hills by-pass has also not currently been included in the draft strategy as well as issues at the Laurieton end of the road.

Stewart believes that he can provide a voice for areas outside Port Macquarie both coastal and rural which often appear to get missed or not prioritised. Working with Council officers, through the CEO, as a team will help address some of these issues.

Stewart Cooper on facebook:


For Councillor

Narelle has spent over 15 years lobbying and liaising with Council as an Executive member and now life Member of the Northside Progress Assoc. Inc. She has won grants for the community to improve facilities and restore an historic area.

Narelle is currently a member of the RFS North Shore Fire Brigade and North Port Macquarie Community Action team of the SES. She is a volunteer at the library for Port Macquarie and District Family History Society and was previously on the Board of the Port Macquarie Community College.

Narelle’s experience ranges from TAFE, teaching at a local level, and senior manager in the Rail Industry, to NSW and Commonwealth Public Services assisting individuals and organisations with change, implementation of new projects and continuous improvement.

Narelle also has a background in small business development and Land Care.

Narelle Milligan on facebook:


For Councillor

Paul grew up in Canberra, the son of a Senior Public Servant. His early years were spent listening to his dad and his colleagues talk about their thoughts and aspirations for Australia. These were the people advising Federal Ministers and so he developed a deep understanding of the workings of Government. The key phrase he remembers hearing regularly was "is it in the public interest?" and so this is a code he plans to bring back to Council.

Paul has had a varied career having previously worked for NASA via CSIRO, at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre. Standard duties were communicating with distance spacecraft. But Paul has spent most of his working life self-employed owning a variety of businesses. This background led him to believe in both: the need for individual incentives and the need for support for those that truly need it!

​Paul and his wife own and operate Hastings Shuttle Service, having built this up over the past 5 years to become the premier personalised transport operator for our region.

​Paul detests waste in all forms and holds a firm position that a sustainable environment is critical to our survival. Regardless of man’s actual effect on the climate, he feels "if we use Climate Change as a catalyst to do more with less, that must be positive for both our economy and the environment."

When you vote for Fighters For Our Region #TeamIntemann, you will be electing a group of five long-standing residents with the necessary experience, knowledge and understanding to serve every resident equally with respect and understanding, and lead the community forward to a thriving future.

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