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Experience Mt Kinabalu on the world's highest via ferrata with Mountain Torq

Updated: 5 days ago

Mountain Torq manages the world's highest via ferrata on Mt Kinabalu at 3,776m above sea level, recognised by the Guinness World Records!

Mountain Torq brings a mountaineering experience of a lifetime to climbers combining safety and exhilaration on Mt Kinabalu on the island of Borneo.

A via ferrata is a protected climbing route in mountainous locations that includes steel fixtures such as steel ladders, steel steps, cables and railings which climbers can hold or clip on to using climbing protection.

Climbers can expect to climb and traverse the side of the mountain buttress with 100% safety protection. They get to access areas that are normally only accessible to rock climbers.

Watch Mountain Torq in action!

Secret to success

The secret to Mountain Torq's success is in providing a totally unique and specialised service. Imagine thinking about creating a way for people to experience nature at such heights and difficulties. That takes hard work and perseverance to even just make the business idea a reality.

By choosing to focus on giving everyone an experience they will never forget, Mountain Torq has garnered loyal followers who have been completely bowled over by the experience.

"Mountain Torq and Sabah Parks have done an extraordinary trip at the same level as European mountain huts/trips/via ferrata. The trail is haaaard do not under estimate it. Each section is fine however it is the accumulation of 2400m of steep ascent and immediately followed by the steep descent. The Pendant hut (for via ferrata) is comfortable and a welcome stop. The buffet dinner was great and plenty of food to carbo load. The staff were really friendly and hospitable. The via ferrata guide was excellent. Everything is set up to high standards to help you summit.
"Second via ferrata I've done (Sacred Valley Peru was the other). Incredible time. My guide, Adrian, was exceptional at simultaneously playing the role of instructor, trail guide and photographer. Great conversations too. Not too tough if you're at least in average shape or better. For those nervous and on the fence, I never felt in danger throughout the walk. Great equipment and guides that take things seriously." - Josh V

Check out Mountain Torq's reviews from clients who have had such an exhilarating experience.

Amazing Routes

Mountain Torq offers a variety of itineraries to cater to different needs and timings. Some routes are even suitable for children from age 10! Check out their itineraries here.

Safety First

Mountain Torq's via ferrata was constructed by a team of preeminent builders from Europe using CE mark-approved materials. The Via Ferrata is able to withstand up to a minimum of 3,000 kilogram of weight at any one point.

Their certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes safety helmets, harnesses, dynamic ropes and Energy Absorber Lanyards.

You will also meet their friendly and experienced trainers who have practised under safety practices endorsed by UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) and are certified in Via Ferrata guiding by UIAGM / IFMGA certified instructors. They are also certified with First Responder Life Support (FRLS) and CPR skills. Learn more here.

It has been reported that, hiking Mt Kinabalu is akin to squeezing 5 days of hiking in any of the great mountain ranges into just 38 hours!

If this has ignited your adventurous spirit, contact Mountain Torq and get ready for a climb of a lifetime!

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Contact Mountain Torq

Phone: +60 88 268 126 or 251 703 or 251 730


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