Knowing the Best Places to Explore for Metals

Updated: Apr 21

Investors may be curious to know what mineralisation means for their investments and projects. This is the place to get deep into the answers.

Being in the mineral resource industry is a never-ending learning process. One has to be hungry for it to become an expert.

When you have enough years under your belt, you learn to focus on what is really important when a new project springs up, and not lose sight of your objective or get swayed by distractions.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso has been in the mineral resource industry for the last thirty years. Even with his depth of experience and expertise, his curiosity has not waned and he continues to be eager to speak with thought leaders across the industries. Samso Insights is an area where he shares his research findings with investors.

A recent fresh angle is how Noel's research so far has brought great insight to a potential that is lying quietly in the United States.

There are stories in the United States that Noel knows of, but has not paid much attention to. Until now. And these stories are turning out to be very intriguing.

During the preparation for the following two Coffee with Samso talks, Noel learnt a lot about the North American continent and how it is actually filled with giant, compelling projects.

  1. Riedel Resources Limited (ASX: RIE) - The Kingman Gold and Silver Project - Riedel Resources Limited (ASX:RIE) and

  2. New World Resources Limited (ASX: NWC) - A VMS Story - The Antler High-Grade Copper Project - New World Resources Limited (ASX:NWC).

The thing is, there are many opportunities in the United States that are available to small companies and even individuals. So when Noel came across these two projects mentioned above, his interest got piqued and he was hooked.

The world location of the major mineralised systems, feature story by Brilliant-Online
The world location of the major mineralised systems

Image Reference: Sillitoe, R.H. 2010 Porphyry Copper Systems - Economic Geology V105, pp 3-41

Today's Samso Insights has Noel mining deep into the stories that lie in the United States and looking at the mineralised zones where the action is. Subduction zones of the world are the best places to find mineralisation. Noel also talks about the Mineralised Zones and the places to find the action.

  • La Caridad Mineral Park Belt,

  • Moss Mine,

  • Copperstone Mine and

  • Mineral Park.

Dig deep here.


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