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Does your Business have a Healthy Heart?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

✦ John Clarke explains how cash flow is the lifeline of a business

What kind of heart does your business have? Is it a cash-generating machine or a cash eating monster? Cash flow to a business is like bloodflow to a person. A healthy cash flow provides money to pay the bills, to reinvest in the business and to share with the owners.

Cash flow is the lifeline of a business
Cash flow is the lifeline of a business

A lot of the time in business we look at the Profit & Loss Statement (sometimes called the Income Statement) and the Balance Sheet (sometimes called the Financial Position Statement). These can be misleading because a business could have a “healthy” profit, and more assets than liabilities (money it owes), if the business’ assets are tied up in money owing to it, it might not have enough money to pay the bills when they need to be paid.

There’s a missing link between the Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet which ties them together. This is the Statement of Cash Flows.

A typical statement of cash flows splits cash into three categories:

  1. Cash flows from operating activities

  2. Cash flows from investing activities, and

  3. Cash flows from financing activities

and looks a bit like this:






Receipts in the course of operations 500,000

Payments to suppliers and employees -300,000

Net cash provided by operating activities 200,000


Proceeds from sale of property, plant & equipment 10,000

Purchase of property, plant & equipment -40,000

Net cash provided by financing activities -30,000


Cash received from borrowings 0

Repayment of borrowings -80,000

Dividends Paid -50,000

Net cash provided by financing activities -130,000

Net increase in cash held 40,000

Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of financial year 20,000

Cash and cash equivalents at end of financial year 60,000


Looking at this I see a business that is generating cash from its usual activities, and which can reinvest and reduce its loans and pay dividends to its shareholders
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