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Come on board Brilliant-Online's preferred party destination, the Rhythmboat!

Updated: Jan 7

Port AdVenture Cruises is helping people create amazing memories on their cruises. Looking to make the holiday season a memorable one? Jump on board!

With the holiday festivities coming up, people are scratching their heads for ideas to make this Christmas and New Year one that will stand out in everyone's memory. Whether it's for a family gathering, with friends, or a company event, you don't have to look very far to squeeze out an original idea.

Just jump on board the Rhythmboat with David and Elsa! After all, it would be near impossible to beat the statement, "I spent Christmas with a school of friendly dolphins against a backdrop of the most beautiful sunset!"

Have a truly jolly Christmas!

Port AdVenture Cruises offers a series of Dolphin Spotting River Cruises or Sunset Cruises. These cruises usually hold approximately 110 passengers. There is also the possibility of a private charter.

Imagine 3 ½ hours of gentle cruising down the beautiful Hastings River... but wait, before you start thinking this is all quietness and tranquility, just get inside and you'll be treated to amazing food, beverages and live entertainment that will get everyone in the festive spirit, laughing and having a great time!

The bonus (out of many) is that the staff takes care of everything. You do not need to plan or do the clearing up. Speak to David and Elsa about your needs and they'll be happy to suggest! And as we all know well by now, David is a natural entertainer and having him on board is guaranteed to have a truly jolly Christmas! Elsa is the steady rudder who makes sure everything is organised and running smoothly.

Christmas Party Cruises pick up from Town Wharf Port Macquarie. Christmas ticket prices include buffet lunch or dinner and a show.

Check their calendar here for a list of dates for their Christmas Themed Lunch Cruises and remember to book now as places go fast!

Christmas Themed Cruises

1, 6, 7 December 12noon

12 December 6pm

20 December 11am

25 December 12noon and 6pm

Usher in the New Year on the Rhythmboat

It's the 31st of December and you're with the people you most care about on a 4-hour cruise with music and entertainment, nibbles and finger good throughout the night plus a licensed bar on board so you don't even have to rack your brains about food planning!

Those of you out there who are always designated party organisers in your family or office, you'll know this is the time of the year where you start to feel a headache coming on having to plan right down to the last detail. This year, why not give yourselves a treat and a rest, and be one of those who simply want to enjoy the festivities? Leave the planning to David and Elsa so you can party the night away and welcome the New Year on board.

What a magnificent way to usher in the New Year! Port AdVenture Cruises has a special New Year's Eve Cruise on 31st December at 8:30pm. Get your tickets soon!

Are you ready to sail off into the sunset towards 2024? Share your Brilliant cruise experiences here with us this Christmas and New Year!

To Book a Port AdVenture Cruise

Call: +61 434 393 199


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