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Chin Up For Men’s Mental Health

✦ Statistics show that on average 1 in 8 men will experience depression, and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety. BUT, there is support out there!

Unfortunately, due to the stigma surrounding asking for help, many men don’t speak up and reach out for support.

That’s where Chin Up Mental Health comes in. They are committed to breaking that stigma for good. Through community, resources and events, they help men to cultivate self-compassion and connect so they can feel supported not just in the happy times but the hard times as well.

Why 'Chin up'?

Founder of Chin Up, Cameron Taylor told us, “The name came to mind for our business as it incorporates the masculine stereotype that men must 'toughen up' and 'keep your chin up' when experiencing struggles. Our mission is to work against this mentality, to reduce shame, to empower men to speak up and ask for support when needed.”

He believes that no man is an island.

“When we support each other, we can all become better. This motto has inspired us not only to support our brothers in Australia but to reach out to an international community to do what we can to give back to those in need. Our team is now in Bali, Indonesia, working closely with communities that have been adversely affected by COVID-19. We have made the commitment to donate a percentage of profits to communities in developing countries. Check out our Instagram and TikTok to see how we’re giving back in Bali (@chinupmentalhealth)," Cameron explained.

Mental health challenges can impact anyone at any time

Being able to have honest conversations with others is key to breaking the stigma around discussing these experiences. Chin Up Mental Health are dedicated to raising awareness around mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. They want to start the conversation without any shame attached.

Cameron has an unrelenting passion and commitment for increasing awareness of the struggles that men face surrounding their mental health and breaking the stigma around speaking out and asking for help.

Having experienced his own personal mental health challenges, from a troubled upbringing, many years working in mines living the ‘fly in fly out’ lifestyle, and unfortunately losing many mates and colleagues along the way, he has a compassionate ear.

Almost losing his life due to poor mental health and having experienced losing other loved ones due to mental health struggles, he has now turned his life around to help others before it's too late.

Cameron speaks from personal experiences with mental health challenges and provides tips and tricks which helped him with his struggles.

Engagement seminars that break the ice

Committed to spreading awareness, education and, of course, the conversation around Mental Health, Cameron and his team regularly hold seminars around the country. The presentations are formulated to engage participants in an open and vulnerable conversation about mental health, something incredibly important and a topic close to the team's hearts.

“The rates of suicide and depression are, unfortunately, rising across the country and it is very important for organisations everywhere to have an understanding of what individuals face when living with mental health conditions,” Cameron told us.

Breaking the ice is the key to the conversation. It is the key to change.

“A group of people that break down the barriers of the mental health conversation will create a relationship within their community that will encourage more conversation, less stigma and more change,” Cameron explained.

Join the community and get yourself and your mates merchandise at the Shop Now page. Feel good in your new fit, spread awareness, and help support communities in need.



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