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Chills up the spine at Norfolk Island

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

✦ This Halloween, head off to one of the most haunted places in Australia - Norfolk Island!

It may come as a surprise to some of you to know that this little island measuring only 34.6 sq km in the South Pacific is actually considered to be one of the most, if not THE most haunted place in Australia. In fact, there are more documented ghosts per square kilometre than any other place in Australia! The Canadian website The Paranormal even ranks Norfolk Island as the world's fourth most haunted islands! About half of the present day population even claim to have had an encounter with a ghostly presence.

While this may sound creepy to some, the island itself has embraced this as part of its identity. The high rate of paranormal activity attracts ghost hunting visitors or simply those who are curious about ghosts to the island every year. There are even knowledgeable local tour guides who can tell you all you want to know about the island and its ghostly sightings and histories.

When you learn that the island was home to some tough, violent criminals who lived through torturous conditions (some were even brutally murdered) in the 1800s, you would not be surprised that Norfolk Island has become such a haunted site today.

Veronica went on a ghost tour!

Tour guide Rachel shares terrifying tales of spirits | Brilliant-Online
Tour guide Rachel shares terrifying tales of spirits

Our CEO of Brilliant-Online, Veronica Lind, went to Norfolk Island and was brave enough to actually go on a ghost tour! The Lantern Lit Ghost Tour is one of the tours available and it is led by guide Rachel who takes visitors on a journey with terrifying tales of spirits and hauntings, unexplainable phenomena and strange happenings. Rachel even keeps a journal of all these unusual events!

And what was Veronica's experience on this tour?

"We went into the superintendent's house which was said to be the most haunted house on Norfolk Island. I had ringing in my ears, and my head felt hot and nauseous for maybe 30 seconds. I felt fine after I left the building." - Veronica Lind

The superintendent's house - the scariest place on Norfolk Island | Brilliant-Online
The superintendent's house - the scariest place on Norfolk Island (Photo: Our intrepid Veronica Lind!)

In spite of this, Veronica is one brave soul to continue with the tour and at one point they even walked through the cemetery carrying lanterns.

From left to right: Ray Lind with friends Russell and Fran Delforce, Ray feeling the air for ghostly chills, the room where Veronica felt the strange sensations.

So if you are looking for a special way to celebrate Halloween, perhaps a flight over to Norfolk Island would make this a Halloween to remember. Whatever these restless spirits are after, it's certainly not Trick or Treat!

Norfolk Island has its dark, shadowy past, and the islanders do have wild and gruesome stories to share with visitors. The island's tradition and superstition go together, and if anything, it showcases the human condition that can be seen through so many histories.

A beautiful, pristine island

Apart from the paranormal attraction, Norfolk Island has a lot more to offer, and those who are not really into ghosts can enjoy the pristine nature of the island. Much of the island is designated as a national park or nature reserve. It is the place to go for wildlife watching, for walking under the tallest ferns on earth, seeing 200-year-old fig trees and exploring rock pools.

Did you know that many of the 116 bird species living on Norfolk Island cannot be found elsewhere on earth?

Halloween is coming!

If you want to amp up the scare factor, check out our Brilliant editor Ben Tirebuck's article on ways to scare yourself witless on Halloween!

For a more family-oriented Halloween fun, remember to check out The Witchy Nook's Halloween Party coming up on 28th October at 5pm! There will be sweet treats, a raffle, games and something for everyone in the family! Find out more here.

And if you do want to do a bit of smudging or burn some special incense after a ghostly tour or encounter, check out The Witchy Nook for some healing and balancing magick!



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