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Cavoodles and Poodles from Ruff n' Roll bring joy to new families

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

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Edgard Lopez, one of the founders of Ruff n' Roll, specialises in breeding Cavoodles and Poodles. Edgard has chosen to raise his pups in the beautiful Port Macquarie-Hastings region so they are in a healthy, natural environment as they grow big and strong, ready to be with their forever families!

"My goal as a responsible dog breeder is simple: Raise loving, healthy and intelligent pups that will bring joy to a new family," says Ed.

As a 5-year-old family business, Ed, wife Alex, his four daughters, brother-in-law Rod and wife Carly and their 2-year-old son Uzyas are the main team running the show. They witnessed the incredible effect dogs have on people's mental and physical wellbeing and decided to set out to create a business that aims to make a difference in the dog breeding arena.

How did you settle on Port Macquarie-Hastings to start this business?

It took a bit of time to research thoroughly which are the best areas to raise our pups. Every single pup we breed is a member of our family, so it is vital to us the environment they are growing up in. They are our babies too. This is part of our work ethics - we want a healthy environment all around as we breed our pups, and this has certainly helped our business to excel.

We found that the Mid North Coast of NSW had the perfect climate to raise Cavoodle and Poodle puppies. The pups are happy here, and so are we!

Fall in love with these pups here!

Cavoodle breeds from Ruff n Roll |  Brilliant-Online

Tell us more about the breeds you have.

Cavoodles are a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The pups are small and have a distinct soft, wavy coat. Their large black marble eyes are what steal people's hearts when you first meet them. They are the recommended breed for people who are allergic to dogs as they have low to non-shedding coats. They are quite low maintenance, but they do need mental stimulation, so make sure you give your Cavoodle lots of fun and challenging physical activities.

Toy poodles are very intelligent and trainable. They are also great for people with allergies. They are popular as companions and show dogs. An interesting point about caring for poodles - you need to take good care of their teeth! Brush them daily with vet-approved dog toothpaste and toothbrush.

Learn more about caring for these dogs here.

How did you expand your business?

It's a well-known fact that pups are one of the most endearing and popular things to see on social media! I have a background in IT, photography and video which really helped in the marketing side of the business. We made sure we have a solid presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and that has helped our online business to sell anywhere in Australia. Our pups have gone on to happy families across all states and territories in Australia and even overseas to Singapore!

And in the end, it's really the pups themselves who are the star marketers. They 'sell themselves'! In 2019, we sold a Cavoodle puppy named Peanut to a school principal, Natalie Mansour, in Sydney who gifted it to her sister Monica. Monica later bought another puppy from us, Jellybean, and a colleague who is a handler bought another puppy named Wasabi. All those puppies were purchased from Ruff n' Roll too! I guess it just means our pups are really quite irresistible! When you've met one and had one, you just want another!

Learn about Dog Therapy here:

From left to right: Peanut, Jellybean and Daisy

What standards do you uphold in your dog breeding business?

Ethical breeding means we comply with council and third party policies, and these include DNA testing and upholding breeding standards. We regularly worm our dogs, treat for ticks and fleas regularly and vet checks as well to comply with vaccinations. Twice a year, two local VETs audit our premises. Our dogs get top quality dry food and fresh raw meat. Our pups get their first experience of love with us, and that means lots of play and cuddles! We worm them every two weeks, and like their parents, they also get tick and flea-treated, micro-chipped, vaccinated and a vet checks them regularly. When they find their new, loving forever home, we provide the new owners with information and guidance on how to care for their new dogs.

So, are you ready to Ruff n' Roll? Speak to Edgard if you are committed to inviting in a new canine member to your loving family!


Edgard Lopez

Ruff n' Roll

t/ 0459 094 081

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