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Capturing Magical Moments with Skye Davis, Bee Magic Photography

Updated: Mar 12

Skye Davis is empowering people to find the spark in their lives and capturing it for all eternity behind the magical lens of a camera.

Do you remember the first photograph you took that really inspired you to keep going, and when did you realise photography was a serious interest of yours?

I initially had been given a camera for my 12th birthday - a simple easy-to-use digital camera. I remember taking images of friends dancing in the paddock, capturing a pet dog playing and jumping around having the time of its life. 

Overall, I loved capturing images of animals, people, nature and the odd ‘selfies’, utilising fans to blow my hair and different lighting to experiment with in my room. 

My background of work is in Community Services and Early Childhood Education and Care. Through both careers, I have seen and heard many different stories of life. 

One day, it was my family and myself who were experiencing trauma and loss. I was 26 weeks pregnant with my second baby in 2020 at the age of 24, I was told the news no mother wants to hear - they could not find a heartbeat. 

Holding my baby and looking at what we now know was a ‘he’ Zaine (yes surprise gender all the way through), I wanted desperately to capture every moment I possibly could with my baby. I admired every small detail of my son, knowing I didn’t have much time with him I was adamant to try and be content with what time I did have.

Photo Copyright: Bee Magic Photography by Skye Davis

You also work part-time, you are a mother to a 5-year-old and 1-year-old, you also have a partner. How is it you have the energy to sustain a busy lifestyle and how do you stay motivated and creative in your work?

I do!  Love, passion, motivation, a support network and one step at a time. I’d much rather take little steps confidently than one big one and fall! It's all about consistency, communication, planning, lists and having a routine.

What inspired you to pursue a career in photography?

I was awakened by what magic capturing images can do. We capture a moment in time that will never happen again. Seconds pass and it will never be the same date, or time or moment in your life again. This is when I had the urge to get into photography again, and slowly started creating a business. 

Every magical moment in time I can capture for anyone inspires me to capture more. The beauty, the authenticity, the moment, the magic, the time that has now passed yet captured. 

How do you define your photography style or niche?

I like to capture the authentic moment. I love natural lighting, though I can also create other outlooks for different photography styles. Every moment or photograph has a different outlook or story and its own ‘personality’. That's what I capture with my own ‘photographer eye’.

Can you tell us about your most memorable photo shoot so far?

Capturing Elders living on Birpai country for a project has been the most rewarding and memorable photoshoot thus far. It was for a community service not-for-profit business creating a book for their community and surrounds.

To be invited into such an important space for an amazing project for community and Traditional Owners warmed my heart greatly. I will forever be thankful I was welcomed into such a space to provide magical images for the Community Project.

You can learn more about the Elders here: 2023 NAIDOC For Our Elders.

What are your goals, your mission statement and what do you hope to achieve in your photography career?

Capturing Magical Moments that Last an Eternity.

I find magic in every moment worth capturing. People sometimes may think there won’t be worth anything in that moment but trust me, there is always something blooming with magic in every moment of your life. 

Through the tough, emotional event or everyday life, there is a story behind that moment. My hope through my photography career is to capture those magical moments with those who wish to share them and enable me to capture them. I take pride in the magic I capture and hope the individual can feel and see it through the images. 

I enjoy what I do, as long as I can keep doing I am happy. Wherever these magic moments take me, I’m in for the journey and I am open. 

In what way do you think photography can be a tool for advocacy and social awareness, especially around the topic of being a woman?

Pregnancy, Newborn and loss, Breastfeeding, Connected to country and strong in culture, Self-Love and Empowerment.

What message do you hope viewers of your work will take away from your images this International Women's Month in Brilliant-Online Magazine?

I hope viewers can be empowered to find the magic in every moment they wish to open it up to.

Once there is a spark, let it flow, the magic will start to sparkle, then you will see the magic in the moment you have created. I urge all individuals who would like to create, share and capture their magical moments with a photographer to do so. This moment is once and once only. Capture the magic you bring into your world.

I also hope it empowers others that may go through a harsh patch to try and find that spark - you never know what the magic will create for you. Cover yourself in it, let it guide you, create you, have trust in the process. Do not feel pressured, just feel and do what keeps the magic flowing for you. 

Bee Magic Photography by Skye Davis

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