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Big Day, Small Budget Weddings

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

✦ Here are some simple but smart ways to cut costs on your wedding day.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have the wedding day you have always dreamt about.

From the flowers and reception venue to the bridal party attire and bridal cars, planning your big day can cost a pretty penny. That said, getting married doesn’t need to be one of the most expensive days of your life. It can be very easy to get carried away, so set a budget, make it an amount that you are comfortable spending and stick to it.

Below are some tips on how to cut some corners, save some money and still have an amazing wedding day, all within your budget.

1. Design your own wedding invitations or send them out via e-invites

There’s no need to pay through the nose to get invitations professionally made. You can create top-quality invites yourself – all you have to do is hop online and search for websites that allow you to design custom wedding invitations. You could even ditch the traditional paper invitations and send out e-invites. Not only will you save on postage costs, but you’ll also save yourself the trouble of writing all those addresses on envelopes.

2. Serve a signature drink

If you don’t want to provide and pay for a fully stocked bar you can save a lot of money by serving one signature cocktail to all guests.

Be creative, use the Bride and Grooms preferred flavours, give the cocktail a catchy name that relates to you. Make it in various versions, his and hers, also a non-alcoholic version for the child guests and non-drinkers. Keep your costs down whilst still serving your guests something that is personal, looks fancy and expensive.

Check out the romantic roselle fizz recipe on Brilliant-Online

3. Serve buffet-style food

Gone are the days of alternate meals, “would you like steak or chicken?” Guests love a great buffet, they can pick what they want to eat, and a buffet is another money-saving way to feed lots of people.

Maybe a gourmet barbecue, a pizza buffet, Mexican? And a lolly station always goes down a treat. Many venues will let you set up and provide your own lollies - another cost saver.

Whatever style of food you go for, a buffet is a winner in many ways.

Check out My Blue Tea recipes and get inspired with their party pack superfoods and whip up a great buffet!

4. In-season flowers are a must

In-season flowers purchased from a local florist will always be less costly. Not only will the blooms be the freshest for your bridal bouquet and venue decorations, if you use local you will save on shipping costs.

Of course, if you prefer year-round blooms like orchids or roses you local florist will have these readily available.

5. Consider a public space for a ceremony venue

Public spaces like lookouts, parks and beaches are beautiful and offer you gorgeous backdrops for all those photos - and they are mostly free. Maybe check with your local Council first in case they require a permit. You could choose a unique place or outdoor location that means something special to you as a couple to make your ceremony a lasting memory.

6. Op shop and bargain hunt

If you are decorating your own wedding, there are many small items that could break your wedding budget. From tablecloths, cutlery, tables and chairs, these can be sourced from op shops. Many beautiful pieces can be found to style your wedding venue, this also adds a personal touch and best of all, you can keep the purchases after the wedding.

7. Get married on a weekday

Thousands of dollars can be saved by getting hitched on a weekday as opposed to a weekend. Lots of couples are doing this already in an effort to save. Also, if you pick a date at the end of the traditional wedding season (Spring/Summer) there are savings to be had.

8. Have a small bridal party

Many dollar savings can be had with this one. Less expenses for outfits, hair, makeup and those all important gifts from the Bride and Groom to the Bridal Party. The smaller number in your bridal party means less cost and, ultimately, more savings in your budget.


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