Are Geologists like Indiana Jones?

✦ Drill into "Rocks In Our Heads" with geologist Andrew Drummond

Andrew Drummond is the author of two books, Rocks In Our Heads and More Rocks In Our Heads. A seasoned geologist, he has seen and done so much, he can fill more than a book with his experiences.

Geologists are are special breed, and it goes beyond picking at rocks. Think adventure, think exploration, think arduous discoveries. And they have a way of thinking and a passion that allow them to embark on such journeys of discoveries and exploration.

Mr. Drummond pays homage to geologists by bringing to light the extraordinary lengths they would go to discover a great project. His first book is a compilation of stories that showcase how geologists are willing to go (to infinity and beyond) for the love of the job.

Remember Indiana Jones? That's what geologists are like. They may not have to fight off baddies in temples of doom, but the spirit of adventure is what makes their profession so special. You'll find these people in far flung regions on the African and South American continents and even in Mongolia. It is a profession that involves adventure and only those who have the thirst to discover and explore can keep going.

These are the real unsung heroes of the industry. They are out in the heat or the cold, and trudging through dangerous areas to make a project a reality.

I remember my 100th Coffee With Samso Episode with Mark Strizek about how the founder of Tietto, Caigen Wang went about finding and developing the Abujar Gold Project. That story could have been in the two books written by Andrew Drummond. Caigan Wang, the Managing Director of Tietto Minerals Limited (ASX: TIE) has the tenacity of going into the business of Africa to get the project for the company.

To gain a thorough understanding of these non-Australian projects, what succeeded or what went south and why, read Mr. Drummond's books and go on an adventure with these geologists who have exploration fused in their DNA.

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Interview with Geologist and Author, Andrew Drummond


00:20 Introduction

01:29 Andrew Drummond - Introduction.

02:54 The Background of Rocks In Our Heads.

05:52 The Essence of the Book.

06:24 Rob Duncan - A Chopper In Poli, Cameroon, 1975.

10:03 Do the old levels of determination still exist?

11:22 Tony Gates - East Timor, 1999.

14:49 Andrew on the future of the mineral exploration sector.

19:10 Rome was not Built in a Day.

22:11 The rollercoaster ride of a Geologist.

23:34 The exploration surprises.

24:14 Are there still Giant deposits to be discovered?

26:03 Where could be the next Frontier?

28:00 The Wild Card discovery of Julimar.

28:36 The Key of a Mineral System Exploration.

29:09 The Difficulty of Making a Discovery - More Rocks In Our Head.

31:05 More Rocks In Our Heads - Ore Bodies are Hard to Monetise.