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Western Mining Services Dispels the Myth of Risky Mineral Exploration

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Jon Hronsky explains why speculative does not always mean high risk in mineral exploration

Jon Hronsky of Western Mining Services is a geoscientist who has been in the playing field for the last 37 years. He speaks to Noel Ong, CEO of Samso about the myths behind mineral exploration. Before even delving into that, it pays to keep a clear head and keep our eyes and ears open so we can extract facts from myths in order to make an informed judgement on an investment.

Noel often gets asked for his opinion about different projects and their prospects. Everyone wants to have some security about making a good investment. For Noel, it is wiser not to comment when there is a lack of information about the history or the management of projects. Some projects may have a historical record of mineralisation, but even that is still not enough for one to make a clear and complete comment on the project.

An "educated guess" requires a lot more research, information, analysis and understanding of the project than one would expect. Mr. Hronsky comes from a legacy of explorers who look at the whole picture and target the right ingredients. He came by for a coffee chat to share with Noel his thoughts about mineral exploration and his take on the Empress Springs project. Tune in to some clarity here: Coffee With Samso Episode 76.

About Jon Hronsky

Jon Hronsky OAM (BAppSci, PhD)

Chairman of the Board of the Center for Exploration Targeting in Western Australia

Chairman of the Australian Geoscience Council (the peak body for geoscience organisations in Australia)

Adjunct Professor at both the University of WA and Macquarie University.

Jon Hronsky has more than thirty-five years of experience in the global mineral exploration industry, primarily focusing on project generation, technical innovation and exploration strategy development. He has worked across a diverse range of commodities and geographies, and has particular expertise in targeting nickel sulfide and gold deposits. His targeting work led to the discovery of the West Musgrave nickel sulfide province in Western Australia. His experience includes leadership roles in both major mining and junior mining companies, and he has consulted globally for the last 12 years. In January 2019 he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to the mining industry.

Jon is currently Chairman of the Board of the Center for Exploration Targeting in Western Australia, Chairman of the Australian Geoscience Council (the peak body for geoscience organisations in Australia) and an Adjunct Professor at both the University of WA and Macquarie University. He was the 2009 Society of Economic Geology Distinguished Lecturer. Jon joined WMS in 2007. Prior to that, he was Manager-Strategy & Generative Services for BHP Billiton Mineral Exploration and Global Geoscience Leader for WMC Resources Ltd.

About Western Mining Services

Western Mining Services (WMS) provides the best in geoscientific and risk management advice and services to mineral explorers globally.

WMS offers a range of essential services:

  • Advice on exploration strategy development both brownfield and greenfield

  • Review and critique of mineral exploration strategies, plans and programs

  • Assistance with the organisational structures

  • Metallogenic framework and mineral targeting studies that deliver viable greenfield targets

  • Brownfield and near-mine studies and target generation

  • Support for target validation at all scales

  • Technical due diligence and new opportunity analysis

  • Deal terms review and evaluation

  • Commercial risk analysis

WMS' proven track record:

  • Over the last 12 years, WMS helped more than sixty companies pursue exploration programs and opportunities globally.

  • The resulting rewards include the largest gold-copper skarn discovery in the Americas and major nickel and gold discoveries in Australia.

  • Over 600 students attended their popular Senior Exploration Management (SEM) Course which, by many accounts, ranks as “one of the best”.

  • WMS offers the SEM Course annually in Perth WA and Denver CO, and also offers the course in-house for clients who want a course tailored to their strategy and exploration program.

  • WMS developed an on-line Senior Exploration Management (SEM) course that tracks in-person SEM Course and that will make excellent, experienced training services more available to exploration groups worldwide.

WMS Team is experienced, focused and eager to help achieve the mineral exploration mission.


m/ +61 417992518


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