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AMSA's annual dinner celebrates 185 years of migration history with more to come!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association Inc (AMSA) celebrated and honoured every person of Malaysian and Singaporean heritage living in Australia at their annual dinner on 10th Dec 2022.

AMSA's annual dinner was a highly anticipated event, and tickets for the dinner were sold out a month in advance!

AMSA’s events have always been promising but AMSA annual dinner 2022 was next level! The food, programs, inspirational speeches, networking opportunities and the raffle prizes were phenomenal. It was also extremely meaningful and sentimental to have held the occasion at the Australian National Maritime Museum in conjunction with 185 years of Malaysian Singaporean migration history in Australia. - Jimmy Lim, Marketing Director of Austlink Education Group

That was not surprising, considering how everything about the annual dinner felt so befitting and timely of the theme. The National Monument to Migration at the Australian National Maritime Museum was unveiled on 23rd October 2022 in Pyrmont. It was a most meaningful lead up to AMSA's final annual dinner.

AMSA annual dinner 2022 at the Australian National Maritime Museum as featured in Brilliant-Online
AMSA annual dinner 2022 at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Chef Jackie M curated the dinner's menu, and guests got to enjoy a royal treat with Peranakan and Nonya cuisine. As AMSA members well know, the best cure for homesickness is to enjoy food from home, with people from home!

Thanks to Vermilion Pinstripes, even the Migration Celebration marketing campaign was infused with an artistic theme close to home. Their dinner invitation came in the form of boarding passes with a batik design. Everyone was more than ready to get on board to recognise the community and businesses for their contributions to building Australia.

Several government officials and community leaders graced the event and shared their personal experiences of migration. Every story is one of a commitment to a new life in Australia, and each person's voice is woven into the rich tapestry of Australia's history.

AMSA's annual dinner from start to finish brought about a united engagement amongst the community, businesses, community groups, Federal, State and Local government departments and agencies.

Everyone enjoyed Sam Lim's story about his life and work in Australia.

Thomson Ch'ng, President of AMSA provided a historical background of AMSA, what it is today and more importantly, the vision of AMSA in the future. As AMSA is seeing more younger members with roots from Malaysia and Singapore coming to Australia to set up roots, AMSA needs to shift gear and call for new actions. Mr. Ch'ng spoke about AMSA's three strategic pillars to bring about more engagement, outreach and support.

Learn more about AMSA's annual dinner here:


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