Malaysians and Singaporeans Celebrate 185 years of Migration History

Updated: Oct 13

Brilliant-Online together with the Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association Inc (AMSA) and the Australian National Maritime Museum are honouring Malaysian and Singaporean immigrants and their contributions to building our nation, Australia.

The Migration Journey

So many migrants have helped shape the history of Australia. Listen to their stories and they will tell you how grateful they are for the opportunities Australia has given them. Their stories, lives and commitment to a new life contribute to our shared national tapestry and enriches us all.

There is so much worth celebrating here, and the Australian Malaysian Singaporean Inc (AMSA) and the Australian National Maritime Museum have come together to recognise the contributions of the migrants, and to celebrate their history, heritage and culture with everyone with two significant events.

Register for Free Information Session on the National Monument to Migration

The Australian National Maritime Museum is hosting Australia's National Monument to Migration, one of the museum's flagship creations which wraps and weaves acknowledgement, commemoration, celebration and interpretation of migrant histories into an exposition of identity.

AMSA members and guests are invited to a Zoom call on Wednesday 26 October at 5pm with the Museum who is hosting Australia’s National Monument to Migration to acknowledge, commemorate, celebrate and interpret all the migrant histories into an exposition of identity.

Free information session about the National Monument to Migration

Speakers: Tina Koutsogiannis from the Museum and Thomson Ch'ng, President of AMSA

Date: Wednesday 26th October 5pm

Register here:

The Australian National Maritime Museum collects and exhibits the stories of migrants and honours them on the Welcome Wall, recently elevated to the National Monument to Migration by the Governor General. The Monument is one of the Museum's most significant tributes to our migration heritage.

You can find the National Monument to Migration on the northern promenade of the museum facing Pyrmont Bay. The location was specifically chosen because historically, it was near a place where many migrants arrived in Sydney.

The Monument is a huge wall that features the names of more than 31,000 migrants from 136 countries including 111 from Malaysia and 39 from Singapore. One could say it is a physical representation of the diversity of this nation.

And there is more to it than just random names on a wall. Behind each of these names is a story. These are stories of difficulties, toil, tragedy and heartbreak. And they also share a common thread - that of a desire for a new start. These are all stories of HOPE. Learn more here about Australia's Migration History.

"Our nation is the sum of us all – all those who came here, all those who were born here, and all those who are or have been Australian." - Former Governor-General Sir William Deane at the official opening of the Welcome Wall in 1999

To support the museum in honouring migrants on the National Monument to Migration, either your own family or a community representative through a $500 tax deductible donation, please see for details. Funds raised support the Museum's migration themed projects.