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AMSA celebrates Friendship, Multiculturalism & Excellence at their annual dinner

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association Inc (AMSA) Annual Dinner 2023 is a get-together of the stories and experiences of the variety of cultures that have come together to make Australia vibrant and strong!

Accor Stadium is lighting up with AMSA

AMSA's Annual Dinners are an exciting highlight of the year and this November, AMSA invited guests to come celebrate Friendship, Multiculturalism & Excellence with them on Saturday 4th November 6pm at the impressive Accor Stadium!

The Accor Stadium's Members' Room is a magnificent space with soaring 6-metre high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the room with natural light.

AMSA Annual Dinner 2023 is at Accor Stadium | Brilliant-Online

Celebrating Friendship, Multiculturalism & Excellence

AMSA takes great pride in its Australian heritage and the ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces diverse cultures.

As Australia commemorates 50 years of Multiculturalism, AMSA recognises and celebrates the unique identities that have come together to make Australia flourish. AMSA honours the spirit of Friendship, Multiculturalism, & Excellence, acknowledging the beauty of the various cultures that enrich our nation.

"Australia is proudly one of the world’s most vibrant and successful multicultural societies. Widespread community support for multiculturalism is one of our major strengths as a nation.” - The Hon. Andrew Giles MP, Australian Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

Engage in conversation with any AMSA member, and you will be captivated by heartwarming tales of friendship. These stories highlight the realisation that, despite everyone's different cultural backgrounds, we share a common core. AMSAi is united in their commitment to uplift one another, providing opportunities for growth and success. The success of each individual within our community reverberates throughout society, benefiting everyone.

As AMSA's network continues to expand, their doors remain open to all who have chosen Australia as their home, regardless of their origin. The experiences, expertise, knowledge, and skills brought by each person are invaluable contributions to the ongoing success and development of Australia.

Let us join AMSA to raise a virtual toast to Australia's enduring Friendship, Multiculturalism, and Excellence. Here's to the beautiful connections we forge across cultures and to the many prosperous years ahead!

Honoured Guests

Donna Davis - Member for Parramatta as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine
Donna Davis - Member for Parramatta | Photo: NSW Labor

Ms. Donna Davis, Member for Parramatta, was one of the honoured guests at AMSA's Annual Dinner. Coming from a farm in Tasmania, and having experienced for herself what it was like arriving in Sydney when she was 19 to study politics, she well understood the feeling of starting a new beginning in a strange place, which explains her appreciation and affinity for those with a migrant story. There are many in AMSA who share her story and understand how important, comforting and empowering it is to find support in a community.

Ms. Davis is passionate about connecting and uniting people, and providing support and initiatives that can help support a whole range of different aspects of life. That's why it is important to support people from our multicultural communities that have small businesses, and to ensure they have access to the services they need to continue to grow their capability and thrive.

Deputy Lord Mayor Dr Patricia Prociv | City of Parramatta as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine
Deputy Lord Mayor Dr Patricia Prociv | City of Parramatta

Ms. Patricia Prociv, Deputy Lord Mayor for Parramatta is another honoured guest AMSA was delighted to host. Parramatta has about 140 different ethnic groups in the Rosehill ward - an important undertaking to bringing about harmony in a multicultural society. She is keen to deliver appropriate developments that complement and drive a multicultural community.

And Ms. Prociv, as a lover of the variety of gastronomy in a multicultural city, feels very much at home with AMSA and their passion for South East Asian food culture! Partaking and experiencing the beautiful flavours of each other's gastronomy is a beautiful, wholesome way to bring cultures closer, to feel comfort in similarities and to learn and grow from our differences.

And speaking about food, wait till you hear about who curated the menu for AMSA's Annual Dinner 2023. You're going to wish you had gotten tickets to go!

Audra Morrice's sensational menu

AMSA may be busy fostering networks, but one thing they always have time for, and place considerable attention to, is good food to be shared with everyone! The philosophy of authentic cuisine from everyone's culture is honoured, celebrated and very much looked forward to in any of AMSA's events, big or small!

Audra Morrice is curating AMSA Annual Dinner 2023 | Brilliant-Online
Audra Morrice, MasterChef Judge

Guests at this year's Annual Dinner were incredibly delighted as the culinary sensation Audra Morrice curated AMSA's Annual Dinner 2023 menu! Tastebuds had been tingling ever since that was announced, and Audra's Malaysian and Singaporean roots had clearly sparked more than a wave of nostalgia for guests that evening.

Many will know Audra Morrice as a finalist in the exciting competition of MasterChef Australia in 2012 and she is now one of the esteemed judges on the the exhilarating MasterChef Singapore. Beyond her famous TV personality, she is also the author of two cookbooks, an advocate for sustainable gastronomic tourism with the Pacific Asia Travel Association, a board member on the Australian-ASEAN Council and a culinary artist with her very own cooking series, "Tasty Conversations" which airs on the illustrious SBS Food Network.

"As AMSA is celebrating multiculturalism this year, everything on the menu needs to be straight from home, and I couldn't have picked better dishes because a couple of these are from my mother's kitchen. I am able to share that with everyone, and keep it authentic even as we jazz up the plating a bit to keep it more modern, but the flavours will always be succinct, authentic, and full of Southeast Asian, Singaporean or Malaysian umami flavours."

Hear it from Audra herself!


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