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Abstract Plastics is supporting safety at work and at home

✦ From machine guarding applications to compliant pool fences, Abstract Plastics has the right solution to keep everyone safe.

There are many safety applications all around us at work and at home which we take for granted. This month, we go to the source of where these safety applications are created, and you may just look at your work and home spaces with very different eyes.

Abstract Plastics located in Wauchope, NSW specialises in advanced plastics manufacturing, creating solutions that protect workers in factories and offices, and families at home.

Machine guarding applications

Work-related injuries can hurt a business due to downtime, lawsuit and costly compensation. Work Health and Safety involves managing risks to the health and safety of all the people in the workplace, and one key area is that of plant, machinery and equipment.

Machine guarding applications ensure that machinery operates safely, preventing accidents and injuries, and allowing workers to perform their duties with confidence and peace of mind. Abstract Plastics crafts these guards to meet the highest safety standards, combining durability with functionality to provide maximum protection in various industrial environments. Learn more about their machine applications here.

Pool fences compliance

It's a treat to have a swimming pool at home, but did you know pool fences are a whole world in themselves? There are specifications to be adhered to, and there are compliance regulations as well. Abstract Plastics has been helping families stay safe while having fun by manufacturing and installing durable, reliable pool fences (which are also aesthetically pleasing). These fences are designed to prevent accidents, ensuring that homes remain safe havens for families, especially young children. Find out more about pool fences applications here.

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Find out why acrylic is the preferred choice for pool fences here.

Doing it right from the get-go in any environment can help avoid future problems. Abstract Plastics is a trusted name in safety solutions. They are setting the standard for safety in the plastics manufacturing industry, ensuring that workplaces and homes remain secure for everyone.

Take a look around you where you work and live now. What could help improve the safety conditions? ❋

About Abstract Plastics

Abstract Plastics is a premier plastics engineering business with over 30 years of experience. They specialise in plastics fabrication and commercial design services, catering to both businesses and the broader community. Our expertise spans a wide range of plastic materials, including Acrylic, Polycarbonate, CA, Acetal, Nylon, PVC, and HD/LDPE.

Our custom-built applications encompass Bio Safety Screens, Perspex Display Stands, Shelves, Cabinets, and Plexiglass doors and windows for caravans and boats. Additionally, we supply Acrylic tubing, Marine grade plastics, PVC, Security and Ballistics-Rated Polycarbonates, Aluminium Composite Panels, Coreflute, and Prismatic materials. At Abstract Plastics, we are committed to delivering high-quality, industry-specific solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Contact Abstract Plastics

t/ (02) 6584 8907

a/ Shed 6, 9 Industry Rd, Wauchope, NSW 2446


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