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A Family Business where community comes first!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Lighthouse Beach Post Office is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Robert and Tania Taylor; the essence of the business is customer service.

Providing not only top notch postal services, they also offer banking, bill paying facilities and parcel pick up to Port Macquarie locals.

The hard working couple are backed up by son Oliver. You may recall the story Brilliant-online featured on Ollie’s Flying Scholarship with HDFC a few months back. He helps out after school and in the holidays. The couple have been in charge of the Post Office for just over two and a half years and they have grown the business. Little wonder, when you walk in you are greeted with a friendly smile and a quick hello can I help you. They are all only too willing to assist their customers, or even a passerby that pops in for directions.

Tania told us, “ The community supports us immensely so we support them back.” Apart from the extremely efficient postal services, a diverse array of giftware, homewares and apparel is also on offer.

Supporting the community through recent hard times

As we all know, Post Offices are an essential service, so throughout the continuing COVID-19 pandemic the doors have remained open with just Tania, Robert and Ollie trying to carry on business as usual.

Tania said, “ We have been open everyday to help people do all those things that they need doing. Pay bills, send parcels, certify documents, get their mobile phone to work. Sometimes people just need help or directions, and we are here to help them.”

Tania told us that it’s what Post Offices do, help people however they can, the door is always open, especially during hard times.

One stop Information Centre

Lighthouse Post Office seems to be the go to place for a lot of things, not just the mail. It’s an informal information centre, where they may be asked for a map of the region, or maybe just directions to a local destination.

“It’s true.” Tania said, “ You never know what the next person that comes through the door may want. Not necessarily a stamp or to send a package via the mail. I have been asked if we have screwdrivers!”

Lighthouse Post Office is the local hub

Found in the Lighthouse Village Shopping Complex at Shop 1/46 Watonga St, Port Macquarie, it's handy if you live in the Lighthouse Beach area or surrounding subdivisions.

Easy parking, no hustle and bustle of the CBD, you can pop in, check your Post Box if you have one, send a parcel or letter, pay a bill or buy a gift for a loved one, no stress. The Post Office is flanked by a butcher shop, a convenience and a liquor store, a couple of cafes and restaurants.

Some advice when sending parcels…

Covid has affected the postal service not only in Australia, but worldwide. Delivery can be delayed, and the odd parcel does get misplaced. Tania says, “ Probably the best advice I can give for sending parcels is to keep your tracking numbers, keep your receipts, because that's the only way that we can find your parcel.”

She told us a lot of people have anxiety when sending a parcel. “ I am often asked, where is the parcel I sent last week? When it's out of their control people get anxious, they may have sent something valuable, be it monetary or personal. We can only reassure people, but we can't do that unless we've got a tracking number.”

Parcels and postage going overseas can take a long time to arrive. Tania told us, “They are slow to be delivered, but that's because they're being held, a lot of them are being held in Sydney, at customs. Australia Post had to rely on freight planes during the onset of COVID, because most of the mail used to go on passenger jets overseas. That’s why it was efficient and quick. But now because there's not many passenger jets, sending anything overseas takes a fair bit longer than in the past.”

And that's where the delay is. Because obviously Australia Post are going to wait till the freight plane is full before sending it. And then it's got to go across the seas, then get sorted, then go to the destination country and then that country's got it’s own restrictions and sorting centre shutdowns to do with COVID-19.

“Everybody just has to continue to work together. “Tania said, “ We all need patience during these times, and a tracking number.”

The Friendly Post Office

The Taylor family pride themselves on their friendly, efficient customer service. Robert told us, “We concentrate on getting people served quickly, because everyone's impatient. Everyone's in a hurry, they have things to do and places to go. We respect people when they come in our door because they're supporting our business and that's important to us. “


Lighthouse Beach Post Office

Phone: 02 65 82 1129


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