A Classy Café is winner for Excellence in Accommodation and Hospitality

Updated: Sep 13

✦ 2022 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards

A Classy Café & Espresso Bar is one of the oldest Cafes in Wauchope, established in approximately 1990, operating in one of the town's beautiful historical 100 year plus old buildings.

Over 60 years ago the business operation was a bakery, then turned into Wauchope's motorcycle sales and service centre, then many years later transformed into Waterman's Cafe, then A Classy Cafe and Florist and then to A Classy Café & Espresso Bar as it is today.

In January 2021, Beth and Leigh Torrisi purchased the café and have since shared with the community their passion for beautiful fresh quality food and coffee.

A Classy Café & Espresso Bar offers a welcoming relaxed and casual family friendly atmosphere serving the people’s choice of their silky smooth fresh brewed coffee blend, unique to the region, along with their homestyle cooking and home made sweet and savoury treats, the entire family will enjoy a delicacy on the menu.

A Classy Café & Espresso Bar is where family and friends come to meet and new friendships are made.

Challenge and adaptation

The couple and staff have experienced various different trading conditions that they have had no choice but to adapt to. One of the biggest trading conditions for them has been the world wide COVID-19 Pandemic. During the lockdowns and closures, they were fortunate enough to keep the doors open and serve their menu take away.

During this time, A Classy Café & Espresso Bars website and app was developed to ensure an easy, fast, safe and efficient way for customers to order and pay without having to leave their home. Also, delivery options were introduced to help service customers' needs throughout those difficult times.

The website and app still serve great purpose, allowing the business to move with the times, entering and growing the business in the digital space. Both technologies allow those tech savvy, time poor customers a great solution for faster and convenient ordering options and pick up times.

Another challenge for not only A Classy Café & Espresso Bar, but others in the hospitality industry, is the lack of labour. Hospitality has always faced challenges with labour prior to the pandemic, but difficulties with recruitment and employee turnover, increasing wages, and management concerns have only grown more challenging. The biggest issue now isn't just the cost of labour, it is the lack of labour.

Beth said, "Another trading challenge for our business in current times is inflation and the massive increase in cost of product and services across all areas, along with supply shortages. We are currently planning, preparing and adapting to these current challenges."

One example; the business is in the process of building a veggie patch in the small courtyard at the back of the café. This will allow them to grow fresh produce and reduce the cost and ease of shortages of some products.

Planning and creating a seasonal menu will also allow them to continue to provide fresh products whilst remaining sustainable into the future.

Experience the difference

The key strengths of the business don't just come from their strong skill set within the coffee culture community and or ability to create beautiful home made cakes slices and meals; but allowing each customer, die hard regular or a new face to feel welcomed, valued and a part of something that to Beth and Leigh, is much more than just a café.

Beth told us, "We take the time and make the effort to get to know everyone. Not only so we can make each coffee and meal to the liking of our customers, but to provide a friendly face and conversation to go along with it."

Expect good food at A Classy Café & Espresso Bar Wauchope as featured in Brilliant-Online