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Special Community Service by Brilliant O

Special Community Service

Tell us how the flood has affected you and your business and your story will be featured on Brilliant Magazine for FREE.

Our hearts go out to the businesses and families affected by the floods. As a small business ourselves, we understand that even short term closures caused by natural disasters could impact business survival.

We’d like to offer a special community service to local businesses badly disrupted by the floods. If you will be happy to share about your business, how you are coping with the floods or how you are also helping society, we can feature you on Brilliant for FREE! 

In this way, you get to raise awareness about your business, products or services while stuck in the floods. By keeping your doors open, you would be ready for business when the crisis is over. 

We’re targeting to get at least 7 stories done within these 3 weeks. So, hurry, please fill up this form and send to us ASAP! 


In April, our feature focuses on Brilliant Business who has demonstrated one or more of the following:


  • Innovation in Business

  • Environmental & Sustainability

  • Community Involvement & Care

  • Technology Early Adoption

  • New Business Ideas

  • Business Successes

  • Business Longevity

  • Entrepreneurs

Your stories will be featured on a first come first served basis. Please fill in the form below and our Brilliant team will be in touch.

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